Hey, ladies and gents! It's been a year. Yup, I just realized I haven't posted for a whole ass year. And I wonder why this blog is still up and running haha!

Anyway, a LOT has happened throughout the course of a year. It's only the fifth month of 2020, and I think you'd agree with me when I say it has been so IN-FREAKING-SANE!!! RIGHT?! But I'm not here to talk about that today. Though I must remind you first, please STAY AT HOME IF YOU'RE NOT NEEDED OUTSIDE. I hope everyone is doing well amid the pandemic!

So much for that intro! Now, let's talk about my first tattoo. WHaaaaaTTTT??!!! YES!! YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!! After three freaking years since I decided to get a tattoo, it finally happened! Just in time before the announcement of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) here in Luzon. So I'm gonna walk you through my experience and give you some tips too that I think might be helpful if you're also thinking of getting a tattoo.


I have done a lot of research on this subject beforehand. I browsed the internet, asked friends, and even asked some tattoo shops in my area. I think this is a crucial part when deciding to get a tattoo because your artist must know how to work around with the aesthetic that you like. I'm so glad I found out about Siningtinta because not only is she a pro on minimalist designs but her rates are also the lowest I've seen so far.


Eloise Cadilo is a 20 something (I think) tattoo artist who's very calm and composed. I found out about her while browsing the internet as major PH media outlet already featured her before. Her shop is located in Maginhawa, Quezon City. It's a small space but the interior is relaxing. If you'd like to see her works, you may check out her Instagram page. The username is @siningtinta. You may also see other details there such as her schedule, booking instructions, among others.


I must be honest. I was feeling a little skittish when we arrived at the shop. I was with my two other friends who are also first timers. Although I wasn't really scared SCARED because the design I wanted was very minimal. I was the first one to proceed with the session. Prior to visiting, I already sent Eloise the design I wanted. She printed it on a paper with different sizes and asked me to choose which one I liked the best. Eloise then used a stencil to transfer the design from the paper to my skin. Finally, she started to work on the inking. It only took around 3 minutes for the whole thing to be over. Yes, that fast!


Considering how minimal the design I chose, it wasn't really painful. I'd say the pain level was just a 2 out of 10.


There was nothing really major I did during the after care. I only cleaned the tattoo with water and soap. When it started to scab (and yes, that's normal because a tattoo is an open wound), I used Lucas Papaw to speed up the healing process.


For my design, I only paid P500, which is Siningtinta's minimum rate. The price still depends on the design.


  1. Do research first. I really do recommend Eloise, but if it's a different kind of aesthetic you're going for, then there might be a better artist for you out there.
  2. Talk to your artist about the design you want. Tattoo artists usually offer a variety of designs, and what I like about Eloise is she doesn't use the same design for two clients (unless I think if it's for an event). If you have an idea on your mind, talk to your artist about it so that you two can collaborate and exchange ideas until you get the perfect design.
  3. Keep in mind that tattoos are permanent. So unless you'd be willing to pay for a tattoo removal laser treatment later, my advice would be to think not only twice but thrice before rushing to a tattoo shop.
  4. Lastly, ask questions. Your tattoo artist knows better than you do when it comes to tattoos. Don't be shy and ask them questions! You can never be too careful.


Super glue eye drops mix-up accidents are surprisingly uncommon and it could happen to you too.

This may sound really stupid, but ICYMI, it happens. Surprisingly, there are a lot of reported cases related to super glue eye injury. One of the most common roots of the problem is the similarity with the container of super glue and eye drops. Hence, a lot of people mix up the two and unfortunately have to face the wrath of pouring super glue into their eye. Sucks, right? A lot of people also use super glue to fix eyeglasses frame, and when they wear it too soon, the fumes go to their eyes.

My experience, however, is different. See, I have been keeping a container of nail glue which I used once for my fake nails. I figured I could use it for other things too because it sticks things pretty neatly. One day, I needed a temporary fix for my shoe and thought nail glue could do the job, at least for a while. As many of you are aware, a used super glue or nail glue hardens which makes it difficult to remove the cap. So, I was using force trying to open it and then bam, the next thing I knew, a splash of nail glue was flying from the container right into my eye.

Of all the things it could have landed, it went straight to my eye. There's freaking super glue in my eye! I was going to be blind, I thought. This is the stupidest thing to ever happen in my life. I was pretty panicky but my mind was set to the fact that I needed to get as much glue as I could from my eyeball. While this is painfully scary, thankfully, I didn't go blind and could clearly see now. In fact, upon researching, I found out that in cases like this, no permanent eye damage has ever been recorded, even those people who mistook super glue for their eye drops.

How to remove super glue from the eye

In case of super glue eye contact, these are the steps to be taken as first aid while you do not have access yet to a hospital.

1. Rinse eye with water immediately

Of course, this is the first thing that would come to anyone's mind. When I realized the glue went into my eye, I quickly ran to the sink and rinse my eye with water as much as I could. If you have warm water sitting at home, that would definitely work better, especially if the super glue sticks to your eyelashes.

Important: Do not ever try to use acetone or any toxic material that removes glue. It is not safe for the eye and will just make the situation much worse.

2. Use eye drop

My eye was pretty red and felt major discomfort after being aggressively scratched. I didn't rush to the ER because I had important stuff to do at work and well, I hate hospitals. So, I ran to the nearest drugstore and got an eye drop intended for eye redness. I put two drops into my eye and it felt prickly. The redness subsided but I was still uncomfortable. Three hours later, I used eye drops again. That night, I found out that the eye drop I bought is not to be used for eye with corneal abrasion (which I think I had), so I stopped using it and just endured the pain.

This is why I recommend that you only use saline solution or eye drops that are intended for cleansing or those that are safe to be used for corneal abrasion.

3. Cover eye with eye patch or gauze

To avoid infection, it is recommended to cover affected eye with eye patch or gauze. It actually also reduces the pain and discomfort.

4. Sleep on it

That night, I was exhausted and sleepy. I felt my eye starting to swell and I was worried that I might wake up with an eye infection. Still, my stubborn self decided to sleep on it and thought I'd just visit a doctor if my eye got worse. Fortunately, when I woke up, my eye looked and felt normal. The discomfort was gone. The redness was gone. The swelling was gone. All is well!

Disclaimer: This is based solely on my experience. I highly recommend that if something similar happens to you, just go to the nearest ER and seek genuine medical help. You may use this post as a guide for super glue in the eye first aid but going to the hospital is always the best choice, especially if the situation is even worse than mine.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. :)

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Good news, fellow Millennials! There's a new dining spot that has opened its door for you. If you drool over just hearing "Cebu lechon," "sinigang," "kilawin," and other classic Filipino dishes, then this restaurant will pierce in right to your tastebuds.

About Sangkap

Sangkap takes pride on its "four modern ingredients." All dishes are infused with niyog (coconut), sili (chili), kamatis (tomato), and mangga (mango) extract. As of this writing, they have two branches located in Vertis North, QC and Feliz Mall, Pasig.

Review of Sangkap

I was invited for a tasting session at the Vertis North branch of Sangkap. The place looks rustic as though it wants you to feel the classic Filipino living. The owner, Mr. Harvard Uy de Baron, generously prepared 10 sumptuous dishes. They all looked so yummy I might have heard my stomach growling while taking the food shots LOL!

Unfortunately, out of 10, I only tasted six because I was full already, but I brought a friend with me who was able to taste some of the others.

Okoy Salad (P240)

Vegetable is my least favorite, which is why I don't want to comment much on this. But if you're a salad lover, you should give it a try. The twist? The sauce is made with blended pure mango extract. Sounds nice?

Cebu Lechon Sinigang (P370 Regular; P550 Family)

According to Mr. Harvard, this is Sangkap's star dish, and I can see why. In fact, this is one of my favorites in the menu. It is infused with green mango and tamarind to complement the sour sinigang taste. It also has taro which makes the paste or sauce thick. It doesn't taste like the regular sinigang we've come to know, but if you're an adventurous foodie, you'll surely love it too!

Inihaw na Pusit at Kamatis Salsa (P320)

I may be biased with this review because I love seafood above all, but I definitely enjoyed this one. The squid meat has a juiciness that bursts in your mouth with every bite. Some grilled squid may come off dry and chewy, but this isn't one of those. Although, you may have a hard time cutting it so  don't be stupid like me and better use a knife. Haha!

Bagnet Bicol Express (P 295 Regular; P470 Family)

What I like about this dish is that the Bicol express paste really complements the taste and the bagnet is so easy to chew. However, if you're expecting the sizzling spicy hot taste of Bicol express, this won't give you that. Still, the taste is great and I'd definitely recommend it.

Kilawin (P310)

Beef Mechado (P340 Regular; P595 Family)

Laing Lumpia at Gata Dip (P240)

Inasal sa Gata (P350 Regular; P680 Family)

Salo-Halo (P245)

For dessert, we were given two dishes: the Tricolor Spring Roll (P220) and the Salo-Halo. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a photo of the Spring Roll, but it tasted really good, not overwhelmingly sweet. Meanwhile, the Salo-Halo tasted okay for me. Nothing too special, and I've even tasted better ones before. But the serving is too generous, so make sure to share! After all, it's meant for salo-salo (sharing).

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It's been a while since I've done a product review. To be honest, I recently managed to stop splurging on new beauty products and have been successfully able to stick to the products that work for my skin. However, every now and then, I allow myself to have "cheat days" but only when I need (e.g. I ran out of a product that is essential to my routine, say a cleanser, and decide to try another brand) or really want to (when there's a really good deal).

Well today, I'm going to review the Milk Cleanser with Dead Sea Minerals & Plant Extracts by Kedma Cosmetics.

Who is Kedma Cosmetics?

Kedma Cosmetics has been around for a while now. What makes it stand out among the other beauty brands is the Dead Sea minerals content in its products. It also takes pride on being paraben-free and cruelty-free.

Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

You've probably heard of the Dead Sea, right? Yes, it's that salt lake located in the Jordan Rift Valley. Its water has a very high content of salt and its mud is rich in minerals, both of which are known for having several benefits, including skin benefits.

To name a few—improves psoriasis, helps treat acne, fights against aging, among others.

Review of Kedma Cosmetics Milk Cleanser with Dead Sea Minerals & Plant Extracts

If I'm going to be really honest with this review, then I have to tell you at this moment that this product was given to me by Kedma for testing purposes. However, before they sent me this product, I was contacted by a skin specialist who asked about my skin concerns. That is so they know which product would be best suited for my skin.

I told them my major skin problems are clogged pores and hyperpigmentation. They told me they would give me an update about the product that I'd be getting. A few days later, someone from Kedma was knocking at my door with a paper bag.

Prior to using this product, I was on a rejuvenating skin treatment for two months (which I will write about later). Instead of using the soap that came with the maintenance set because my skin reacted to it, I decided to use the Kedma Cosmetics Milk Cleanser instead.

It comes in an 80ml pump container. Once opened, you can use it for up to 12 months. With its white and gold color scheme, the packaging looks sleek and high-end.

In addition to the dead sea minerals, it also contains aloe vera leaf extract (a plus for me because I love aloe!) and olive fruit oil. Both of these provide numerous benefits to the skin including anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, among others.

This is not your typical foam type of cleanser. In fact, it is comparable to Cetaphil cleanser (which I personally love) because they both don't lather when applied to the skin.

Kedma is also very specific in its directions of using the product: Apply the cleanser onto the skin massaging it gently over the face and neck. Remove residue with cotton pad. Use day and night as your first-step skin care treatment.

It says to use cotton pad, but I prefer to use facial tissue instead. Just look at how effective it is at removing makeup, and I only used two pumps to get this much dirt.

Cleansing wise, it works wonders!

Clogged pores? When I used this, I didn't have clogged pores to begin with because of the rejuvenating skin treatment I was on, but I'm still grateful that this product didn't clog my pores or trigger breakouts (which is a huge deal because my skin easily reacts to new products).

Hyperpigmentation? I've been using this cleanser for a month, and my acne scars are still there, although they did lighten a little. However, I cannot assure if that's because of this product or the maintenance toner and cream that I'm using, or neither. Hyperpigmentation fades over time, but perhaps somehow my skincare routine, which includes this product, has helped speed up the process.

Where to buy?

The Kedma Cosmetics Milk Cleanser with Dead Sea Minerals & Plant Extracts can be bought from Kedma Cosmetics' website for 50 USD or roughly Php2,500.

Update as of May 2020: Would you believe if I told you that this product only ran out last February? That's almost a year! And yes, I love it! I never had breakouts or any adverse reaction while using it. Hope this info helps!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for testing and reviewing purposes but all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.

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Clear skin doesn't happen overnight. Religiously following a skincare routine is the mantra for most people who successfully achieved clear skin, but it's not as easy as many make it out to be.

I'm not gonna lie, whenever I buy new products, I get really excited to use them. During the first few days, I never skip doing my routine without even trying. But as days pass by, it becomes more and more difficult for me to stick to my routine. Yup, guilty! Some days I'm just too tired to do it my body can't get up from bed, some days I'm just feeling extremely lazy. However, I NEVER EVER skip my routine when wearing makeup. It's just totally gross and a sacrilegious beauty sin, if you ask me.

Recently, I've been trying really hard to fight my stubborn self and decided to come up with solutions to my not sticking well to my skincare routine. After a mix of research and brainstorm, the skincare gods finally answered my prayers and helped me come up with these two easy solutions!

#1. Use fewer products

News flash: You don't actually need all those viral 14 step skincare routine, for Pete's sake! Give your skin a break and lessen the products that you use. If you feel like a certain product isn't really doing its job to the fullest or it's making any change to your skin, then it would be better for you to bid it goodbye.

Personally, I do not use a lot of products. I used to, but not anymore. I just find most products unnecessary so I cut down my routine to just a few steps, five to be precise. If you're a minimalist like me, this may work for you too!

If you can't let go of any of the products you use, I don't blame you. Sometimes, those long ass skincare routine just works wonderfully for your skin, and you don't want to put yourself at risk by eradicating some products, right? Well, fret not! Just read on and see the next step to take!

#2. Track your Skincare Routine

Being systematic can help you accomplish a lot of things, and that includes your skincare routine. If you have a daily skincare routine tracker, it will help you be productive and accomplish your routine step-by-step. It will also inform you of the times when you fail to do your routine.

Personally, having a skincare routine tracker has helped me become more motivated in sticking to my routine. It just itches my eyes seeing unchecked boxes in my tracker and reminds me that I'm giving my skin a bad deal. It's pretty ugly, tbh.

Want your own skincare routine tracker to help you achieve your clear skin goals?

I'm giving away

The Official Guide to Achieving Clear Skin Cheat Sheet


Printable Skincare Routine Tracker

...Totally FREE!


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