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Hey, ladies and gents! It's been a year. Yup, I just realized I haven't posted for a whole ass year. And I wonder why this blog is still up and running haha!

Anyway, a LOT has happened throughout the course of a year. It's only the fifth month of 2020, and I think you'd agree with me when I say it has been so IN-FREAKING-SANE!!! RIGHT?! But I'm not here to talk about that today. Though I must remind you first, please STAY AT HOME IF YOU'RE NOT NEEDED OUTSIDE. I hope everyone is doing well amid the pandemic!

So much for that intro! Now, let's talk about my first tattoo. WHaaaaaTTTT??!!! YES!! YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!! After three freaking years since I decided to get a tattoo, it finally happened! Just in time before the announcement of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) here in Luzon. So I'm gonna walk you through my experience and give you some tips too that I think might be helpful if you're also thinking of getting a tattoo.


I have done a lot of research on this subject beforehand. I browsed the internet, asked friends, and even asked some tattoo shops in my area. I think this is a crucial part when deciding to get a tattoo because your artist must know how to work around with the aesthetic that you like. I'm so glad I found out about Siningtinta because not only is she a pro on minimalist designs but her rates are also the lowest I've seen so far.


Eloise Cadilo is a 20 something (I think) tattoo artist who's very calm and composed. I found out about her while browsing the internet as major PH media outlet already featured her before. Her shop is located in Maginhawa, Quezon City. It's a small space but the interior is relaxing. If you'd like to see her works, you may check out her Instagram page. The username is @siningtinta. You may also see other details there such as her schedule, booking instructions, among others.


I must be honest. I was feeling a little skittish when we arrived at the shop. I was with my two other friends who are also first timers. Although I wasn't really scared SCARED because the design I wanted was very minimal. I was the first one to proceed with the session. Prior to visiting, I already sent Eloise the design I wanted. She printed it on a paper with different sizes and asked me to choose which one I liked the best. Eloise then used a stencil to transfer the design from the paper to my skin. Finally, she started to work on the inking. It only took around 3 minutes for the whole thing to be over. Yes, that fast!


Considering how minimal the design I chose, it wasn't really painful. I'd say the pain level was just a 2 out of 10.


There was nothing really major I did during the after care. I only cleaned the tattoo with water and soap. When it started to scab (and yes, that's normal because a tattoo is an open wound), I used Lucas Papaw to speed up the healing process.


For my design, I only paid P500, which is Siningtinta's minimum rate. The price still depends on the design.


  1. Do research first. I really do recommend Eloise, but if it's a different kind of aesthetic you're going for, then there might be a better artist for you out there.
  2. Talk to your artist about the design you want. Tattoo artists usually offer a variety of designs, and what I like about Eloise is she doesn't use the same design for two clients (unless I think if it's for an event). If you have an idea on your mind, talk to your artist about it so that you two can collaborate and exchange ideas until you get the perfect design.
  3. Keep in mind that tattoos are permanent. So unless you'd be willing to pay for a tattoo removal laser treatment later, my advice would be to think not only twice but thrice before rushing to a tattoo shop.
  4. Lastly, ask questions. Your tattoo artist knows better than you do when it comes to tattoos. Don't be shy and ask them questions! You can never be too careful.




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