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On regular days, it's already scorching weather in the Philippines. And so can you just imagine the torment we feel as the summer season brings extreme heat and humid day after day? I can just go around running naked. But of course, I'm not gonna do that. So, here's an alternative I did that made me go from a sweating mess to a fabulous city gal this sunny season.

I cut my hair. I took my makeup down a notch. I ditched my bra. I was carefree.

God, I love this outfit! It was so comfortable, added to the fact that I didn't have a bra on. I was just totally feeling myself that day.

FYI, these photos weren't taken at the beach. Boy do I wish they were! It was actually at the Harrison Plaza in Pasay City, and the story behind it is that my friend Yan was having a photoshoot for the May edition of Village Pipol Magazine. He tagged me along as his photographer (yeah, I know a thing or two about operating cameras), and for blog's sake, I also asked him to take some photos of me.

Oh, wait! Speaking of the blog, please allow me to add a bit of a great news here. Just this month, I received an email from Feedspot. It is a directory of blog websites you can find on the internet and you can discover good ones from a niche you're interested in. It's really a helpful website and so it makes my heart jump in joy to be placed at the 100th spot on their list of Top 100 Asian Beauty Blogs! I mean, that was so close, but hey, at least I got included! And perhaps, if I keep putting my heart into my craft, then I'll get to climb the rank ladder.

Going back to the story, do you know what the best thing really is about that day? I felt truly strong, empowered, and happy. I don't know if it was the haircut, the outfit, the drunk blush makeup look, the Starbucks matcha frappucino that I ordered, the people roaming around the area, the calming vibes of the bay, or simply the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra. Whatever it was, that day was the first time I felt better than I had been in the recent months, and it was marked as the beginning of something new in my life.

What more can I say? Messy hair don't care.

All photos were captured by my good friend slash co-producer Yan Alabado. You can go check out his works here.

October is breast cancer awareness month. In this year's celebration, the ICANSERVE foundation recently conducted the "Fashion Can Serve" fund-raising fashion show, with the theme, "Why We Fight," to send a powerful message to women at risk. Luckily for me, I was invited as a representative for ZEN Health magazine.

I have always dreamt of living in New York. I long to walk along the urban streets under skyscrapers, hearing the noisy raging honks of cars queued in traffic jams. Silently read a book at a coffee place that isn't the phenomenal Starbucks in 5th Avenue. Maybe experience either the amusing or horrendous night life with foreign strangers in Manhattan or just chill in a pub that resembles McLaren's in Brooklyn. I want to see the Big Apple turns white, as it gets covered with frosty snow on Christmas day. Or visit the Times Square and look at hundreds of people I might never see again. And if I'm lucky enough, maybe bump into Taylor Swift or Harry Styles because why not, right? I'ts New York City, after all. Anyone could be anywhere at anytime. I want to leave this deadbeat town and move to a place where people would be less judgmental of what I'm wearing; where I can actually rock clothes made for winter season or ones that are revealing my flawed skin, and not one eye would follow my tracks. New York City is the dream, or so movies make it to be.

Hello! It's the holidays and I have a lot of queued posts in store for you guys. But for now, let me just talk about this cute casual outfit that I wore to the First Print Media Youth Congress that was held at Manila Bulletin Hall in Intramuros, Manila last December 10.

Hello everyone! So recently, I have decided to make an OOTD post for every outfit I wear that I find astonishing lol. Apparently, I'm just starting out, so forgive me for the lack of resources of this post, but I still hope you find this interesting.

This outfit is what I wore during my old friend's, Daisy, 18th debut party on the 12th of April. It was unexpected because I didn't know I was going to be invited. Due to lack of options for clothing since I left most of my important clothes at my dorm in Manila, I had to borrow a corset top from my friend Joyce. Jeez, what would happen to my life without her?

So here's the summary of my outfit;
Sunnies: Bazaar
Top: Joyce's
Bag: Lina
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: H&M

Hi there! For updating my blog's sake, here's a post that is filled with mine, Mariel's and some of Zedrick's faces. Please bare with us, we're not vain, just kidding, we are. He he sorry not sorry!

The first and second photos were taken at my blockmate Aileen's crib since we were having a shooting there last Saturday for our first music video production. For your information, it's really tiring and i'm going crazy because I won't be home for 3 weeks *sigh*. The rest were taken at PUP College of Communication. Enjoy! (HA HA HA)



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