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It's that time of the year again! You find yourself listing down New Year's resolutions, hoping this time around next year, you will have accomplished at least half of them. On that first bullet is something you're totally crossing your fingers for, yup, clear skin. That's all you've ever wanted since you can only remember.

Perhaps, 2019 will finally be your lucky year, but better and healthier skin requires more than just luck. In fact, it entails a lot of dos and don'ts that many people fail to follow. But let's not talk about them; let's talk about you. The real question is, are YOU willing to do everything it takes to achieve that #ClearSkin2019 goals? Then here are a few tips you might want to keep in mind from a beauty and skincare junkie!


Cleansing your face in the morning will wash away excessive oil that your skin has produced overnight. This is important to keep the skin's moisture at its normal level. At night after school or work, it's also crucial that you cleanse your face especially if you wear makeup. The debris, pollution, dirt, oil, and other unwanted stuff on the face can lead to clogged pores and acne breakouts if not properly removed.

So, do facial cleansing twice a day. Nothing more, nothing less. That's how it works for me, at least. Based on my experience, over-cleansing is the culprit for my clogged pores. When I took my cleansing a notch lower, I noticed a significant improvement on my skin.


The skin needs protection from the sun, always. Not only does it contribute to aging but also makes you at risk of skin cancer. And even when you slather on sun screen with the highest SPFs, it can only do so much. That's why the safest thing to do is to stay away from the sun. It may be inevitable, yes. So in addition to that sun screen, you might want to bring an umbrella anywhere you go.


Drinking eight glasses of water per day for a healthier body isn't just a myth. It's a must! Water provides hydration to the body cells, and in case you didn't know, skin is a body organ which means it is made up of cells. And skin cells, like any other body cells, need water to keep hydrated. When the skin cells aren't sufficiently hydrated inside, it definitely shows on the outside, leaving you with noticeable signs of aging.


Touching the face is one of the common mistakes most of us are guilty of doing. Well, don't. Our hands are filled with germs and bacteria that aren't visible to the naked eyes. You just don't want these bacteria to be transferred and spread on to your face because that is definitely a sure gateway to breakouts.


Exfoliate your skin at least two to three times per week. It is a beneficial step to get rid of the dead skin cells, allowing your pores to breathe and revealing a better and brighter skin.


When taking calls, use earphones as much as possible. Our phones are homes for countless of bacteria for obvious reasons. But ICYMI, just think about the last time you washed your phone. You never did, did you? Yeah, that's what I thought.


Clay mask has gotten pretty popular recently, and I can attest as to why! I just love how this leaves my pores feeling cleaner and my skin feeling smoother every time I use it. There's not much that I can say about clay masks, but just a tip - not all of them will work for you. The right clay mask will bring you joy, but the wrong ones will bring you breakouts. So always be wary, and it's better to use samples first before actually buying a full tub.


Ironic, isn't it? How you're reading this on your phone or laptop and yet, I'm telling you not to rely on the internet. Hey, I'm not saying all information found on the internet are fraud. It's just sometimes, what we post here are just based on our experience and may not work exactly the same for you. That's why your safest bet is to consult a licensed dermatologist who can actually provide you with medical based examination and knows what's the best treatment for your skin. It may cost some bucks, but at least you're on the safe side.

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Hope you have the best of the upcoming year and finally achieve your #ClearSkin2019 goals!

I decided to make a monthly series of my favourite beauty products just so I can share with you some of the best things that work for me which might also work for you. So, I am starting with my favourite product for May, which is the Delight Tony Tint by Tony Moly. I know it's June, but I decided to pin it for May because this has been my best friend during the summer season.

Unless you've been living under the rock, I'd assume that you know very well that March is International Women's Month. As a feminist myself, I'm a firm believer of women and her capabilities to trigger change and make a tremendous impact on the world and the people's lives. In the Philippines, many women have already shown and proven how far they can go, and one of the sought-after women here—who is shaping the beauty industry with her brilliant mind and strong guts—is Aiza Diuco.

Because summer is just around the corner and you shouldn't let it dull your sparkle. 

So you've got a concrete skincare routine that you religiously follow every day and night yet your skin isn't clearing up or worse, you're experiencing more breakouts. Hmm…what could be wrong? Are the products you're using not true to their claims? Or are you just doing something you're not supposed to do? More likely the latter.

Well, if this sounds like something you're going through, read on as I discuss five things we're usually doing wrong in our skincare routine that are flushing all our efforts down the drain.

The holidays are over, and I'm now back to being the full-time struggling employee who never gets enough sleep and is always hustling her way to work. Yep, that's me, embarrassingly. As expected and always been, my under eyes are screaming murder as they get gloomier and duskier every night that I'm lacking sleep. They've gotten to the point that it's embarrassing to go out without makeup, seriously! But on weekends when I'm allowing my pores to rest, foundation is something that I tend to skip and so I can't help it but go out with my bare face. But all thanks to my newly-discovered concealer, the ELF Maximum Coverage Concealer, I can now hide my imperfections even without wearing a full makeup do.

The year is nearing to end, and I haven't even posted something useful recently. Yikes! But today, I'm here with another product review that I'm sure many of us will love. You ask, why? Then read on.

Detail Makeover is a Philippine local cosmetics brand, and ICYMI, I also made a review of their Contour & Blush Palette 4-in-1 which I purchased a year ago from BeautyMNL. I didn't really care about their other products until I found out recently that they were on a buy-1-take- sale. I mean, how bargained is that, right? So I immediately decided to buy their eyeshadow palette which you can purchase for P700 but since they were on sale, you'd already get two palettes for the price of one. As I was just about to visit their kiosk, it just happened that I received their Autumn Eyeshadow Palette for free (huge thanks to the good people from Detail). The moment I laid my eyes on the palette, I felt so happy and couldn't wait to post this review. Haha!

I don't know about you but I love window shopping for makeups and beauty products. Even if I'm on a tight budget, whenever I go to the mall, I always look for stuff just in case I see something that will be worth my money, then I'll come back for it later.

There are soooo many foundation choices in the market, and I personally prefer to use cheap ones but are of high quality. That is until I tried the new Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation by Rihanna.

Hi, I'm back with yet another product review but this time, it's from a mid-end makeup brand. If you have noticed, most of the products I use are from drugstore brands and that's because I don't want to spend too much on makeup by buying mid to high-end products. Why would I if I could get the same or nearly the same quality with drugstore products? Well, maybe when I'm older and not struggling with the 'adulting' stage of life, then I will.

One of the top Filipina prides is our naturally tanned skin or what is called morena. This feature has been a dream of some Westerners, and I believe it contributes to the beauty that every Filipina holds. However, many of us still long to have that radiating white skin, and I think that’s okay. Everyone has different preferences, and what makes you happy makes you happy—so do it.

Hi, everyone! It's been a while since the last time I posted a blog review of a beauty product. In just a span of 3 months, some big changes have happened in my life—I finally graduated from my university degree and got a job as a writer at a magazine publishing company. With the workloads I have been dealing with lately, I barely have the time to write a quality blog post.

Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last time I posted a product review, as there has been a lot of going on with school now that I'm graduating very soon (yay!). But let me make it up to you with something that most Filipinas are raving about, the all new Powder Matte Lipstick by Maybelline.

Hi everyone! I know that since the rise of the Kardashians, we have been extra fond of face contouring and on fleek eyebrows. I, myself, am guilty of this. But I'm pretty sure we all have those lazy days when we just don't feel like having that "heavy makeup feeling," or we're in a bit of a rush that we can't find the time to pick up that bronzer. Well, fret not because you can totally look good and fresh without having too much product on your face! :)

Hey guys! It's 2017 and I'm welcoming this brand new year with another makeup review, which is the Detail Contour & Blush Palette 4 in 1. I was so excited when my package from BeautyMNL arrived because I really wanted to try out a powder contour palette instead of the cream one that I was using from L.A. Girl.

L.A. Girl PRO Conceal in Shade Beautiful Bronze and Light Ivory

L.A. Girl Gel Liner Kit in GEL724 Brown Shade

L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup in LM 955 BUFF



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