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Hi, I'm Lyka!

I started blogging in 2010 and used Tumblr as my platform as it was the trend back then. I didn't really know what "blogging" was at the time so I just kept posting random stuff and engaged with random people. It was fun and all, but after two good years, my blog completely fell apart and was left like a lone wolf in the winter.

In 2012, I established a new blog using Blogger and tried to be productive as much as I could. However, college works did me a harsh time and demanded too much of my attention that I couldn't keep up with everything anymore.

Fast forward to today, I have been very enthusiastic of everything beauty and fashion so I wondered, what could be the use of it all? That's when I once again braved the digital world and created little steps by posting some outfits that I wore to school, but unfortunately, I didn't have much time scheduling shoots. So, I had to think of another idea, and that was when it occurred to me to try out posting product reviews. It was quite easyI wouldn't need a professional photographer; I could snap the photos just by myself with simple flatlays and selfiesand so I did it! And now I can say that I'm enjoying what I do.

You ask, why are you sharing product reviews? As a beauty and fashion enthusiast, I know very well how hard it is to choose the right products for your skin type or know the quality of an apparel you see online. Reviews, specifically from bloggers, really do help in choosing which ones you should purchase as we write detailed information about the brand or product while providing proof of our words.

Do I spend too much for my reviews? You would think that I don't need this much products, especially if I'm purchasing them just for the sake of reviewingwaste of money, many might think. But let me tell you this, it pays off in the end. You write a review; brands see you; they give you compensation to review their products. So in all fairness, you get to buy a product you're eyeing on, you get products for free, and you get back the money you used to buy the products you initially reviewed. Sounds good?

Of course, it's not that easy. I, myself, am still trying to establish my blog for a greater use. There are a lot of competition in the blogging industry, especially in the "Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle" category. But hey, you don't have to worry about it as long as you're having fun. Keep in mind that there are so many strategies out there that can help you be successful in anything you do including in blogging.

My blog is still ongoing construction, but I hope you find some useful information and learn some things from it. If you do enjoy reading and and interested in more quality posts, please do subscribe to keep you posted on new updates. Also, please follow me on Pinterest so you can discover more things related to beauty, fashion, and blogging.


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