2020 Music Trends: Popular Songs Right Now That You Should Listen To

I know we've been bored at some point during this quarantine period. If you're among the lucky ones, you're probably lying in bed switching from one app to another. But what's better way to spend a slow day than to chill and listen to your favorite music—or perhaps new ones? If you're meaning to update your playlist and looking for the top and trending music hits this 2020, then here’s a round-up of some of the trends we’re seeing, based on Spotify data.

Hair gone wild: We’ve seen about a 50% increase in the creation of playlists to inspire people while dealing (struggling?) with hair maintenance. We determined this by looking at key words in playlist titles, including “haircut” “dyeing hair” and “hair dye.” 

Some popular song additions to all these hair-themed playlists include:

Homeschool hysteria: It seems parents and students are turning to music to get through the challenges of homeschooling. We’ve seen a more than 1,000% increase in the creation of homeschool-themed playlists. 

Popular tracks added to these playlists include:

People are exploring their creativity:

We’ve seen an increase of about 40% in coloring-themed playlists being created globally. And a more than 90% increase in painting-themed playlists being created.

Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” is a popular song pick in these; shoutout to those painting nude portraits!

Listeners have been turning to podcasts to get the arts and crafts juices flowing; we’ve seen a more than 125% increase in streaming of “Just Wanna Quilt” and a more than 60% increase in “WeCrochet.”

Working from Home is better with music: We've seen a more than 1,400% increase in working-from-home-themed playlists created between April 17-May 17 (compared to the first ten days in March).

Popular songs added to these playlists include:

Baking is the new “Ommmm…”: We’ve seen a more than 120% increase in baking-themed playlists being created.

Popular songs added include:

Listeners created approximately 225% more banana bread-themed playlists between April 17 and May 17. There are now more than 2,750 banana bread playlists on Spotify.

People are channeling their inner plantitos and plantitas: We’ve seen a more than 430% increase in the creation of gardening-themed playlists on Spotify. 

Popular song picks in these playlists include:

Podcasts are providing inspo, too: the most popular gardening-themed podcasts on Spotify over the past month are:

Listeners have been busy cleaning: Yes, cleaning. We’ve seen about a 40% increase in cleaning-themed playlists being created, and a more than 65% increase in streaming of those playlists in the past month. Spotify’s popular “Cleaning Kit” playlist has seen about a 30% increase in streaming. 
On Spotify, users have created more than 940,000 cleaning playlists. Popular song choices include:

Unless otherwise stated, all data was collected between April 17-May 17, 2020. Where percentage increases are shown, we compared data from April 17-May 17 to the last week in February, 2020. Data is global unless otherwise stated.

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