How to Stick to your Skincare Routine: Free Clear Skin Cheat Sheet + Printable Skincare Routine Tracker

Clear skin doesn't happen overnight. Religiously following a skincare routine is the mantra for most people who successfully achieved clear skin, but it's not as easy as many make it out to be.

I'm not gonna lie, whenever I buy new products, I get really excited to use them. During the first few days, I never skip doing my routine without even trying. But as days pass by, it becomes more and more difficult for me to stick to my routine. Yup, guilty! Some days I'm just too tired to do it my body can't get up from bed, some days I'm just feeling extremely lazy. However, I NEVER EVER skip my routine when wearing makeup. It's just totally gross and a sacrilegious beauty sin, if you ask me.

Recently, I've been trying really hard to fight my stubborn self and decided to come up with solutions to my not sticking well to my skincare routine. After a mix of research and brainstorm, the skincare gods finally answered my prayers and helped me come up with these two easy solutions!

#1. Use fewer products

News flash: You don't actually need all those viral 14 step skincare routine, for Pete's sake! Give your skin a break and lessen the products that you use. If you feel like a certain product isn't really doing its job to the fullest or it's making any change to your skin, then it would be better for you to bid it goodbye.

Personally, I do not use a lot of products. I used to, but not anymore. I just find most products unnecessary so I cut down my routine to just a few steps, five to be precise. If you're a minimalist like me, this may work for you too!

If you can't let go of any of the products you use, I don't blame you. Sometimes, those long ass skincare routine just works wonderfully for your skin, and you don't want to put yourself at risk by eradicating some products, right? Well, fret not! Just read on and see the next step to take!

#2. Track your Skincare Routine

Being systematic can help you accomplish a lot of things, and that includes your skincare routine. If you have a daily skincare routine tracker, it will help you be productive and accomplish your routine step-by-step. It will also inform you of the times when you fail to do your routine.

Personally, having a skincare routine tracker has helped me become more motivated in sticking to my routine. It just itches my eyes seeing unchecked boxes in my tracker and reminds me that I'm giving my skin a bad deal. It's pretty ugly, tbh.

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