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My 2018 in a Nutshell

We all had our fair share of ups and downs in 2018. While it was indeed stressful, there were also a few positive things that made it a hell of a year. Here, I listed mine.

Got a new job as a segment producer

In case you didn't know, I've been working as a segment producer for ABS-CBN's Lifestyle Network Global. It's not really a nine cloud kind of achievement, but it's one of the huge changes that happened to me in the past year. Also, this job has taught me a lot of things that are definitely worth learning.

Dined 150 feet above the ground

Have you heard about Dinner in the Sky? If you haven't, it's a hella unique dining experience where you get to eat a four course meal 150 feet up in the sky. It started in Belgium and opened a franchise in the Philippines last April. My team and I at work were among the few lucky people who have been there during the launch. It was one for the books, but to be fully honest, I wouldn't go for it if I had to pay.

Cut my hair short

Have you ever cut your hair short and felt really good about it? I have! It felt renewing as if I didn't have to worry again, ever. Of course stress is inevitable, but for a moment there, I was carefree and didn't have any regrets cutting my hair.

Traveled to Cebu

This was my first time ever to fly in a plane, and the best thing about it is I only spent almost Php1,300 for a roundtrip ticket! So I went to Cebu with my friends, Mariel and Ellaine. Spent a week there; roamed around the city then traveled to Oslob. This photo was taken at Sumilon Island, which was my favorite part of the trip. God, I wish I could take myself back to this moment.

Traveled to Puerto Galera

In August, I went on an overnight trip with my friends to Puerto Galera to celebrate Joyce's birthday. It was a really quick trip but was also so much fun! It was also my first time to ride a ferry boat, and boy was I stunned by the water! The ocean is indeed horrifying and beautiful at the same time. Back to my Puerto G escapade, I honestly expected more from it. I should have known how frequented the place is by tourists. Don't get me wrong though, it's beautiful but definitely not untouched.

Got a gym membership

I was really convinced I could live an active lifestyle, until work demanded too much of my time and my 3-month gym membership was flushed down the drain. But hey, it was fun while it lasted, and perhaps this year, I actually have the time and will be able to maintain going to the gym.

And that's a wrap! How was your year? I bet yours was more interesting. Share about your 2018 experience in the comments below!

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