MAY FAVORITE: Delight Tony Tint by Tony Moly

I decided to make a monthly series of my favourite beauty products just so I can share with you some of the best things that work for me which might also work for you. So, I am starting with my favourite product for May, which is the Delight Tony Tint by Tony Moly. I know it's June, but I decided to pin it for May because this has been my best friend during the summer season.

I have been using this product for two years now. I've always loved how it tastes sweet unlike that of the other tints I've tried. I also love that it gives you the gradient lip K-beauty rave with just one glide, and more importantly, I love that it stays visible for a reasonable amount of time. But what really makes it included in the list of my monthly faves is that it provides that natural bitten lip and blushing cheek look that creates an illusion that I'm youthful and fresh.

I'm always in a hurry so I don't really have the time for overdone makeup unless if it's for an event or something important. For my everyday look, I usually just apply concealer over uneven areas (yup, foundation no more!), eyebrow gel, then top it off with this Tony Tint, and I'm good to go! And no, I don't feel complete without this so I must say this is really a product I can't go out and about not wearing.

But, what don't I love about this? As much of a fan as I am, it's saddening to say that this tint is a little hard to blend when it comes to the cheeks. But if you just get the trick right, which is applying it by finger instead of the wand, then you won't have any problem with the blending. Also, there are times when I feel as though it's making my lips dry so if you're up to using this, make sure to always scrub and moisturize your lips to steer clear from being chapped.



  • Affordable
  • No bitter taste
  • Long lasting
  • Provides the perfect natural look


  • Hard to blend when applied on cheeks
  • Can make the lips chapped



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