Keeping it cool under the heat

Because summer is just around the corner and you shouldn't let it dull your sparkle. 

Take your base game up a notch

If you've gotten used to your lazy makeup routine, forget about it now or prepare to face an oily mess. Slather on a water-based moisturizer, a high protection sunscreen, and a primer. Go for matte foundations and concealers—and make sure you get the RIGHT shade—then set or bake afterward if you must! Once you're done with your whole look, lock everything in with a setting spray.

Secure the blotting paper

Instead of using tissue, use a blotting paper to control oil. It minimizes makeup transfer and actually absorbs oil rather than just shoving it into the pores.

Pamper with facial masks

Either you go to a spa or rely on DIYs, a 20-minute facial mask session once or twice a week will freshen up your skin and save you from the troubling summer heat. Choose ones that give a cooling sensation, such as aloe gel mask.

Get an adorbs (short) haircut

If you've been eyeing short haircut ideas but never had the ballsy to actually do it, then here's a good excuse to finally take the bold step. It's cute and a great weapon to beat the heat.

Take good care of your hair

The face isn't the only body part that oils up badly. Your hair does, too! And with the accumulation of sweat on the scalp, primarily during summer, things certainly get ugly. Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo and don't skip the conditioner this time.

Drink up

Stay hydrated and gulp down lots of water. Not only does it benefit the skin but also cleanses the body from toxins.



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