5 Common Skincare Mistakes You're Probably Guilty Of

So you've got a concrete skincare routine that you religiously follow every day and night yet your skin isn't clearing up or worse, you're experiencing more breakouts. Hmm…what could be wrong? Are the products you're using not true to their claims? Or are you just doing something you're not supposed to do? More likely the latter.

Well, if this sounds like something you're going through, read on as I discuss five things we're usually doing wrong in our skincare routine that are flushing all our efforts down the drain.

1. Over-cleansing

Too much cleansing can lead to dehydrated skin. Since you're stripping too much oil from your skin, not to mention the essential ones, it's losing the moisture it needs that causes it to be dehydrated.

But how do you know when your skin is dehydrated? Have you ever had the tightening feeling that makes you believe your skin is squeaky clean? Well sorry to break it to you, but it's actually an indication that your skin is dehydrated.

Moreover, based on my experience, over-cleansing also contributed to my clogged pores, especially on the forehead area, which never went away no matter what product I used in a bid to get rid of them. Only when I ditched my astringent slash Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser that I noticed them gradually going away. Although it didn't totally clear up, I saw a noticeable improvement that made me come up to this conclusion.

So if you're into the double-cleansing that's pretty popular these days, make sure that it's working out for you and not the other way around. If you think it's not doing you any good, ditch it. Promise, your skin will thank you.

2. Skipping the Moisturizer

If you're oily and you still think that you don't need a moisturizer, wake up! Dry, normal, combination, or oily—no matter what your skin type is, you should never skip moisturizer. It's pretty normal that oil is stripped from the skin along with the free radicals when cleansing, but what's not normal is not giving back that oil.

Just look at it this way: our skin, through the sebaceous glands, produces oil to make itself hydrated. If you're an oily person, it means your skin might be producing a little too much oil. However, if you keep on cleansing without moisturizing afterwards, chances are your skin will think it needs more hydration, thus keeps producing excessive oil—which makes you more oily. Sounds good? I think not!

3. Skipping the Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn't only for the beach. You need it anywhere, all the time. This is particularly true if you live in a tropical country like the Philippines where the sun is just everywhere all the time. However, if you live in a country where it's cold most of the time, don’t think you're exempted from this rule. The truth is, whether it's cold or hot, whether it's rainy or sunny, you should always slather on sunscreen.

The sun is always there, even not during its peak hour. It's there even when you don't see it, sitting beneath the clouds, showering down UV rays. UV rays that make your skin dry, covered with wrinkles, and worst, put you at a high risk of skin cancer.

Sunscreen was created to protect your skin against the harmful UV radiation from the sun. Thus, skipping this important part of your skincare routine could be the worst mistake you're making.

4. Over-exfoliating

Whether you use a scrub or liquid exfoliant, using it more than twice a week can make your skin more acne prone. I know it feels good to know that you're eradicating the dead skin layers, but too much of it can make your skin flaky and have a burning sensation. Exfoliating causes skin thinning, hence making it more sensitive and vulnerable to free radicals and UV radiation.

It's okay to exfoliate as it cleanses the dirt deep into our pores, but be sure to use it right and light to steer clear of the adverse side effects.

5. Being gullible

We easily believe everything that we see on the internet or sometimes the hearsays. When we see someone claiming to have used products that cleared her skin imperfections, we tend to try the products immediately without considering the other factors. Remember, some products may work for others but not for you.

When trying out new products, make sure to consider your skin type and its sensitivity as well as the ingredients infused in the product. Always do a patch test on the back of your hand to make sure that you're not allergic to any of the ingredients. The skin on our face, along with some of the other body parts, is more sensitive than the rest of our body's. That's why we should be extra careful in choosing and applying products, no matter how promising they sound.

Personally, I am guilty of this wrongdoing. You've probably heard of the cult fave Aztec Secret  Healing Indian Clay, right? So there was a time when I was desperate about getting rid of my clogged pores. They were spreading on my cheeks and just wouldn't go away. So I looked on the internet for something that might help, and that was when I found out about this "miracle" clay mask. People were raving about it and the reviews were all good. Hence sans hesitation, I immediately purchased the mask along with an apple cider vinegar because it says in the instructions to mix the two.
The first time I used it, I was expecting a noticeable improvement but there was none. Though it really did pulsate, it did not do anything with my pores. Just to be fair, I used it for another four to five times before finally giving up on it. It didn't really help with my situation, and it felt as though it was even making it worse.

So if you're like me who easily dive into things without considering all the possible consequences, then you should think twice. You may be doing your skin a bad deed rather than a good one.

Are you guilty of doing these mistakes too? I know I do!



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