Aiza Diuco: On the Pursuit of Excellence

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious,” said Albert Einstein. The same can be said about Aiza Diuco, founder and CEO of Age Defying Solutions. Not that she has no special talent, far from it, but that she is and has always been passionately curious.

As a young girl, Ms. Diuco excelled in school, thanks to her mother who was a school teacher. “In everything I do, even with time management, how I take care of my things, or my company, it all boils down to self-discipline. It really has to start from you.”

This brand of discipline sure paid off for Ms. Diuco graduated from Miriam College in the top 10% of the graduating class, with a degree in International Studies. As a graduate student at U.P. Diliman, she was a consistent university scholar with a QPA of 1.25 and she finished her masters in just 2 years.

Ms. Diuco, however, did not always want to become an entrepreneur. As a child, she wanted a career in the medical field.

“I come from a family of entrepreneurs. All my brothers are entrepreneurs and we owe it all to our dad who’s a very good provider.” She went on to recount how her father had given her brothers the capital for their respective businesses. 

Ms. Diuco, however, worked for other companies before working for her father. In Sara Lee Philippines, she worked as a sales training supervisor. She eventually joined her father and worked in his company for ten years.

When asked how she felt when she left the company, she said, “Actually it was difficult for me. I love my dad, I love our company. It’s a family corporation.”

She proudly said that Glupa is her baby, and that everything about it was personally researched by her. Theirs is the only company that has the patent for the glutathione and papaya combination.

Ms. Diuco’s goal is not to be the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneur. Her son, whom she considers her inspiration, motivates her to always strive to do better. “More than providing for my son, I also want him to be proud of me as a mother.”

She has long been an advocate of women empowerment and a strong believer in education as an effective means of improving one’s life and as a solution to poverty eradication.



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