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Dos and Don’ts while Traveling with Diabetes

Traveling with diabetes is a bit tricky. There are certain measures to be followed in order to achieve a safe and joyful adventure. And, you should never, ever disregard them because it’s your health that is at risk. As the saying goes, “Better be safe than sorry.” That’s why I listed some useful tips to help you determine what you should and shouldn’t do when traveling.


Consult your doctor before your trip
Visiting your doctor is a must if you’re planning to travel. That is to let him know the condition at hand and will be able to make adjustments with your medications and insulin shots in case you’ll be crossing time zones. This is also the perfect time to ask for a doctor’s letter that could be used to get you through airport security as smoothly as possible.

Investigate the food you eat
It may be tempting to try local foods and dig deep into the culture of the country you visit, but still, you should be wary all the time. Before ordering food that you’re not familiar with, ask the restaurant staff if it contains any ingredients that may affect your blood glucose. If it does, just ask them which one you can go for. If there is none available, look for a diabetes-friendly restaurant instead.

Bring comfortable shoes
You’ll definitely be doing a lot of walking. That’s why it is vital that you wear comfortable shoes—diabetic shoes if possible. Diabetics are prone to nerve damage in the feet which makes you feel numb and difficult to realize if you injure your foot. Ill-fitting or uncomfortable shoes can lead to ulceration and foot injury.


Stay away from your routine
Even when traveling, you should still keep up with your daily routine. Perform a short exercise upon waking up, eat a balanced meal, and take your medications and insulin shots on time. Remember, there should be no “cheat day” when it comes to your health.

Dehydrate yourself
People with diabetes have an increased risk of dehydration. And more often than not, when you’re traveling, your mind is occupied by other things—such as the alluring attractions and exciting activities—that you forget to drink water. Severe dehydration causes an elevation in blood glucose levels, thus you should avoid it at all cost especially when traveling.

Forget to bring a glucose meter
No matter where you go, you should always bring a glucose meter with you. There are instances, especially when traveling, when your blood glucose elevates without you noticing it. That’s why you have to check it as often as possible.

And since we all want a hassle-free adventure, let’s make it easy for you! Ever heard about effortless testing? Accu-Check Instant System by Roche Diabetes Care is effortless by itself. Effortless, which means no setup required and you can use it in an instant! The Accu-Chek Instant blood glucose meter has an intuitive target range indicators designed to give an instant clarity at a glance—a visual reassurance if your blood glucose levels are above, below, or within the normal range. It is helpful in interpreting your blood glucose values easily and quickly and will help people with diabetes worry less and get some relief during travel.

The Accu-Chek Instant system offers new, user-friendly features: 

  • Simple Preparation: No set-up required, just insert a strip dose along the easy-edge strip and see results in less than 4 seconds.
  • Target Range Indicator: Limits possibilities for misunderstanding as the intuitive target range indicator gives visual confirmation when blood glucose values are above range (blue), in range (green) or below range (red).
  • Surpasses International Accuracy Standards:Accu-Chek Instant system fulfills the ISO 15197:2013 / EN ISO 15197:2015 and delivers even tighter 10/10 accuracy.
  • One-Button Navigation: No more scrolling through a menu to find what is needed, only the last test result and 7-, 30-, 90-day averages are visible on the meter. More results can be viewed using the Accu-Chek Connect App or Accu-Chek Connect Online portal.
  • Easy-Edge Dosing: A small blood sample can be applied anywhere along the yellow edge of the test strip. Accu-Chek Instant strips have the widest blood application area compared to leading brands.
  • Automatic Synchronization: All blood glucose results are transferred wirelessly to Accu-Chek Connect App which can be downloaded on any smartphone or via Accu-Chek Connect Online which is Roche's cloud-based solution accessible on any computer. 
Roche Diabetes Care is a pioneer in the development of blood glucose monitoring system and a global leader for diabetes management systems and services. For more than 40 years, the Accu-Chek brand has been dedicated to enable patients with diabetes to live life as normal and active as possible.We offer innovative products and impactful solutions for convenient, efficient and effective diabetes management. For more information, call the Accu-Chek Customer Service at 02-7187575 / 02-718-7588 / 0917-8978000.


  1. Good read, I don't have diabetes but I do have older family members who do. This could come in handy as we travel for the holidays. Thanks.

  2. Great post, I don't have any problem with diabetes so I'm kinda safe with that, I don't have anything to worry about that. I love traveling though, I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Luckily, this disease doesn't run in my family. There are a lot of ways to constantly monitor one's sugar levels, with the aid of high technology and constant learning about this disease. Knowledge and understanding is really important.

  4. My da is a diabetic and whenever he travels we always are more worried about him than others. He however does carry his glucometer along always.

  5. Great post! My dad has Diabetes Type II so I can really relate to this post. Great tips too!

  6. Very helpful tips! I am diabetic and it always causes my family to worry when I am away. Most people take a lot of gadgets with them when they travel - smartphone, tablet, kindle, etc. I do take a lot of gadgets with me too - my glucometer, my blood pressure monitor, and my insulin pens. Better safe than sorry!

  7. Very helpful tips. My Grandad had diabetes and I remember having to be so careful when we were out and about!

    Dena | The Dena Edit | Bloglovin xo

  8. One of my brothers suffers from Diabetes and he is off travelling very soon, so this could be ideal.

  9. I love seeing a fellow diabetic who doesn't let diabetes stop them from traveling! Good for you! If you have a chance, you should check out my post about traveling with diabetes, too. Stay awesome!

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