Adulting 101: How it really feels like to be out in the Real World

The photos in this post are from months ago when we were preparing for what it felt like the biggest moment of our teenage life—our graduation. This was aligned with our graduation pictorial as a part of the package we availed which included toga, formal, and creative.

I have kept these photos for quite some time because I honestly couldn’t think of the right context for them. But today, I would just like to share with you how different my life has been since these shots were taken.

I think it was in early March, just two months prior our big day. My friends and I planned the shoot a bit later than the majority of our classmates, and it was a little difficult to set a schedule because almost all the dates were already reserved for other people. Luckily, when we inquired at RELANS Digital Photography Studio here in Manila, they said there was still a vacancy and so we took the reservation right away.

My good friend, Yan Alabado, came up with the concept of our creative shot. We had to bring our own comforter because we figured there wouldn’t be one available at the studio. I’m glad we did. The shots looked great, and we were very happy with it.

At the time, we were still working on our thesis but we were just finalizing some stuff, so we figured it was about time that we declare we were actually finishing college. Cheers!

In mid-March, Yan applied for a position at a prominent media company here in the Philippines as a production assistant. I also applied as a graphic designer for a casual restaurant chain. The interview was on my birthday. I blew it. I literally just laughed at the interviewers since I had no idea how to handle interviews. And so it is evident that I didn’t get in. I was so tired that day, but maybe it just wasn’t for me.

Thereafter, I received text messages from three different companies regarding a job interview on the same position. But the locations were quite inconvenient for the salary, so I passed on them.

A few days after his application, Yan told me he got the position. I was happy for him, but I knew my time would also come. And so days had passed, and before I knew it, it was only a week before our graduation day. That was when I started being anxious about what was coming to me. Actually, nothing was coming to me, and that’s what bothered me big time. What will I do after college? What if no company would want to take me in?  And so I decided to really dig in for opportunities.

Again, I received a text message from another employer. This time, it was for a position of editorial assistant for a magazine publishing company. The location was also quite inconvenient, but at least if I got in, I’d get to work for a media company. So, the night prior the interview, I read everything I had to know about the company, some tips for the interview, and prayed for the Lord’s guidance. After like two hours of sleep, I got my ass out of bed and hustled my way through the busy crowd of Cubao until I was finally on the train bound to Makati.

I was half-asleep during the examination. I didn’t know I had to write so many articles including some essay-type personality test. I think I spent about three hours finishing the answer sheet. I didn’t have breakfast or anything yet. I was exhausted, and I was sure I would fail the exam. After lunch, I got back for an interview with the HR. I think I nailed it, but they told me I would just have to come back for the final interview if the EIC liked my answers and decided I was fit for the job.

The night of that same day, I got another call from the HR. They asked me to go back the next day for the final interview. And so I met with the EIC, Dr. Rafael Castillo, who is also the CEO of the company and a sought-after cardiologist in the country. Doc Raffy seemed like a very kind man and he didn’t make me feel like I was being interviewed by a nobleman. He just asked a little bit about my background and my skills, and he was so nice that he even walked me back to the HR’s desk. They told me I’d get another call if I passed, and I did just after a few days.

The very next day after my graduation, I was asked to report to the office. It was my first day at work. I was finally out in the corporate world—my new life, my new home, with new people. I knew there was so much in store for me, and I was so eager, if not prepared, to face them.

This is the first of the two-part series story of my transition from being a full-time student to being a full-time corporate employee. The second half will be posted really soon.



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