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How to Choose the Best Homecoming Dress

I always envy teen flick movies with their high school dance and crazy dramas. Sure, we did have prom and homecoming party in high school, but eh, they were just not as ecstatic as the ones I see in movies. Girls weren’t tearing off each other’s head off for the prom queen title (politics!!!). No dorks, no geeks, no cute guy everyone is dying to dance with, and what more? Dresses were not that extravagant and as I’d like to describe it—it was a fashion suicide back then.

I know, it sounds stupid, huh? But hey, they look fun. If high school in the Philippines were the plot of Mean Girls, I’d probably be one of Regina George’s minions. And I wouldn’t even complain! I get to wear pink on Wednesdays and be extra all the time.

So kids, don’t let my suffering happen to you. As the saying goes, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.” Kill them with a stunning dress and have the best time of your life. To do that, let me help you.

Newarrivaldress is an online shopping platform with a wide array of high quality casual and formal dresses. And the catch? They’re all at affordable prices. Their website has various categories for easy browsing should you find a dress for a particular occasion—homecoming dresses 2017, wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, and accessories. If you want to see the latest trends, you can visit the “new in” page, and if you’re on a budget, just browse the “under $100” items.

These black cocktail dresses are the perfect mixture of cute and sexy. The lace details are gorgeous, and if you match them with a stylish pouch and shimmering accessories, no one can steal sophistication from your hands.

I think we can all agree with this—nothing is fiercer than red. Just glide on some lipstick to get a flawless pout then flaunt these bloody red dresses, and you can totally snatch everyone’s eyes the moment you walk into the door.

Nude colors have been a trend lately and I can see why. They’re soothing in the eyes and go perfectly fine with just about any accessory. Certainly, you can never go wrong with nude dresses, especially if you pair it with a nude makeup do.

Pastels are another eye catcher. I personally love them! As you may know, I’ve recently been a huge fan of pink. Yep, just like preschool all over again.

I believe that white complexion dresses are the best representation of pure and elegant. They go with any occasion, and they’re very easy to pair up with other accessories. If I were to attend another homecoming, I’d probably go with a white dress.

So I hope this post has been helpful for you in deciding which type of dress you will use for your upcoming homecoming dance. The season is getting nearer so if I were you, I’d go check out newarrivaldress’s website ASAP.

How was your homecoming dance experience during your high school days? Did you wear a cute dress or a sizzling one? Share it in the comments below! XO


  1. Looking back, i was kinda disappointed by my prom dress! Its a usual ballgown and my eyebrows are the worst!! lol


    1. Same! I had not the slightest idea about beauty and fashion back then. And now surprisingly, kids are looking gorgeous in their prom and homecoming dresses. Time really does change things.

  2. I love lace dresses! The best one is the one in the last. I remember when I was in high school we had prom and I was wearing orange mermaid tail dress and lol - my fashion style changed ever since that. Did not have too much idea of how to look good back then. Articles like this will help girls out there to choose what they want.


    1. That doesn't sound so bad! Mine was a common cocktail dress, and I thought I really looked pretty. Not that much, I guess. Haha.


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