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REVIEW: Glupa (Glutathione + Papaya) Soaps, Lotion, Cream

One of the top Filipina prides is our naturally tanned skin or what is called morena. This feature has been a dream of some Westerners, and I believe it contributes to the beauty that every Filipina holds. However, many of us still long to have that radiating white skin, and I think that’s okay. Everyone has different preferences, and what makes you happy makes you happy—so do it.

Today, I am going to review some whitening products from a brand called Glupa. Glupa—a company spearheaded by Aiza Duico, a women empowerment advocate—promises not only to whiten the skin but also deliver to their clients a healthy, smooth, and even-toned skin.

Ms. Duico and her team were kind enough to send me a loot bag of their products including Glupa soaps and lotions. The first thing I noticed about their brand is the fact that the name is actually a combination of Glutathione + Papaya so I’m guessing the whitening power of it is extra.

Let me get started with this Glupa soap (P140) that says “Whitens and whitens!” At first look, you would assume this is just like your ordinary papaya or kojic soap, but then—as they say—it has Glutathione content. The scent smells sweet but not overpowering. It also has tiny white complex with Vitamin C and E for maximum whitening effect. As you may be aware of, the vitamin contents in this are known for their potent power to fade blemishes and even skin tone.

This Glupa Skin Solutions Plus (P88) soap is formulated with AcneBuster from Japan. It promises to whiten the skin while controlling oil and acne breakouts. This soap smells like the white variant of Johnson’s baby powder, which is ideal for me because it just proves that it isn’t harsh for your acne.
This one also has Vitamin C and E contents, as well as botanical actives that are helpful for the treatment of acne and oily skin.

This one is the White + Fresh Skin Solutions soap (P99) made for men. And yes, it actually smells like a man—a decent man—which reminds me of Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey. Anyway, this contains tea tree oil which is a known organic beauty regimen used by many for its numerous skin benefits. As far as I'm aware, I believe this is also widely used for the treatment of acne and oily skin.

Glupa Skin Solution for Men (P99) - Glupa Skin Solutions Plus for Acne (P88) - Glupa Whitening soap (140)

Now, let’s go to the lotion. This Glupa Skin Whitening Lotion (P175) is infused with shea butter and has a concealing effect. I personally like shea butter because it smells good and really softens the skin. This one has a sweet scent which I like, and the consistency is not sticky yet not runny, which is very ideal for me, unlike that of other lotions which are irritating when applied to the skin. I think I’m going to start using a lotion because of this product.

Lastly, this Glupa Whitening Cream (P199) promises to whiten the face and body in just 1 week. The scent and consistency of this is very similar to the lotion’s. It promises to whiten the skin while prolonging the process of aging for a more youthful and radiant look.

So, the verdict—is Glupa true to its promise? Well, as of now, I haven’t tried all of the products yet so I’ll have to update this post for the actual results. But then, my first impression of all the soaps, the lotion, and cream is that they’re pretty good when it comes to scent, consistency, and the ingredients.

I am very excited to see what Glupa has to offer, and I’ll be back in a few weeks or a month to keep you updated with its effect.

If you want to achieve a naturally looking radiant skin while waiting to see the results of this product, check out my makeup tutorial here. :)


I personally like the Glupa soaps because they lather well, and I believe "a little goes a long way" best describes them. After using the orange and men soap, I didn't notice a drastic whitening effect on my skin, but it did feel softer and smoother. I lent the acne soap to my sister because she was having breakouts. Although it didn't completely clear her skin, she noticed an improvement on her acne. There were still clogged pores that need further attention. I think maybe with continued use, the soap can actually live up to its promise.

The lotion is what I like better. Like I said before, it doesn't feel sticky and when you slather it on your skin, you will really witness its concealing effect. This same goes with the cream. I used them on my body, on my feet specifically because I have scars on them, and I believe they have helped fade them.

VERDICT: If you want a smoother, softer, and even-toned skin, I would totally suggest this brand.
However, you need patience as I believe it takes time before you can see the drastic changes. This is especially helpful to those with scars on their body as the products help improve them. I would likewise suggest you use all products simultaneously for maximum effect.


  • Glupa Orange Soap - P140
  • Glupa Skin Solutions Plus - P88
  • Glupa Skin Solutions for Men - P99
  • Glupa Skin Whitening Lotion - P175
  • Glupa Whitening Cream - P199
Watsons, Puregold, Rustans, Shopwise, Walter Mart, Manson Drug, Southstar Drug, 7 Eleven, and Lazada


  1. ooooh love the packaging! thee look really original

    katie. xx

  2. Can I just say your blog is beautiful! OMG! thanks for sharing great post


  3. Wow...i would really love to see ur update on its effect! Btw where can i get those?

  4. I have never heard of Glupa but my skin is terrible at the moment so I am wanting to sort it. I will have to look this up and see if it helps!

  5. I haven't heard of this product before. I love soaps with tea tree as it's great to keep the skin bacteria free.

  6. I am unfamiliar with this brand and would not ever use skin whitening solution. Soaps that offer tea tree oil as an ingredient usually have good benefits for the skin.

  7. Glupa soaps looks tempting as they have natural ingredients too. Soaps having tea tree oil is wonderful because it can control acne too.

  8. I love that these products feature natural ingredients! My friend has been looking for a whitening cream to even out her skin tone and would cry over these. Sending this her way!

  9. I love the packaging of all of these and hope they work well for you. Isn't it funny how we all want what we don't have. I'm always trying to make my skin look darker.

  10. I have never heard of this brand until now. Thanks for sharing the review with us.

  11. Never head of this brand before but it sounds amazing in your review! Glad to know that it has a natural ingredients!

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