TOSAVE: The Urban Style

I have always dreamt of living in New York. I long to walk along the urban streets under skyscrapers, hearing the noisy raging honks of cars queued in traffic jams. Silently read a book at a coffee place that isn't the phenomenal Starbucks in 5th Avenue. Maybe experience either the amusing or horrendous night life with foreign strangers in Manhattan or just chill in a pub that resembles McLaren's in Brooklyn. I want to see the Big Apple turns white, as it gets covered with frosty snow on Christmas day. Or visit the Times Square and look at hundreds of people I might never see again. And if I'm lucky enough, maybe bump into Taylor Swift or Harry Styles because why not, right? I'ts New York City, after all. Anyone could be anywhere at anytime. I want to leave this deadbeat town and move to a place where people would be less judgmental of what I'm wearing; where I can actually rock clothes made for winter season or ones that are revealing my flawed skin, and not one eye would follow my tracks. New York City is the dream, or so movies make it to be.

Furs are in today, despite the fact that it's icking how most of these come from live animals' skin. I apologize animal advocates, but I do like them :-( and had been thinking of getting one, even though the Philippines has a very hot weather almost all of the time. So luckily for me, TOSAVE.COM was kind enough to send me some of their items for review including this beige fur coat.

TOSAVE.COM is an online shopping platform based in Hongkong that offers all sorts of products including clothes, shoes, jewelries, accessories, electronics, gadgets, etc. I'm telling  you, their collections are HUGE. And you know what's best about it? They're hella cheap! Yep, this fur coat only costs around $9. For its price, I didn't really expect much from it so when my parcel came from the post, and I saw the item, I was surprised by its quality. The fur is actually so soft and fluffy, so there's no doubt that I fell in love at first glance.

Since the trend of smartphones started a few years ago, phone cases have become so popular along with it. Well, I can see why. Who on earth would want to scratch or dent their expensive high end phones, right? Plus it gives a whole new look for your phone. It's like a Barbie doll that you can dress up whenever you want to, only it's a weird, flat rectangle robotic Barbie. This mirror case is just $2, and it may look like putting it on your phone is a little complicated, but in fact, it is made of jelly case, so it definitely gives my phone protection and a sense of fashion.

The third item that I got from TOSAVE.COM is this classy looking black clutch that only costs about $4. Seriously, these items are super affordable they're so worth every penny. Not only it looks good on the outside, but the inside is superb too! Let's take a look.

There's a coin compartment inside so you can put either paper money or pennies. There are also three compartments for your cards, and honestly, they're very useful for me. And lastly, if your phone is only the size of an iPhone 6 or just a bit larger, then you can absolutely put your phone in there too. Totes awesome, right?

And hey, if you fancy going for a different hairstyle for your OOTDS, they also offer ombre hair extensions. Yay or nay? I say yay!

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Thrifted
Shoes: H&M

How would you style the urban look? Share it in the comments below! xoxo.

These were photographed by Yan Alabado.

This post was sponsored by TOSAVE.COM but all opinions are my own.



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