REVIEW: Maybelline The Powder Mattes by Color Sensational

Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last time I posted a product review, as there has been a lot of going on with school now that I'm graduating very soon (yay!). But let me make it up to you with something that most Filipinas are raving about, the all new Powder Matte Lipstick by Maybelline.

Maybelline is a super popular drugstore brand in the Philippines. Not only it is affordable and accessible, it also provides high quality cosmetics to every Filipina beauty enthusiast. Honestly though, I don't use a lot of Maybelline products but since they have a great line of nude creamy matte lipsticks, I had been eyeing some shades and wanting to get myself one. However, just before I finally decided to purchase, I read a Facebook post by BeautyMNL that a new lipstick line from Maybelline had been released and they were on a 3-day sale! Well that's a whooping "yay!!" for me. Thank God they accept Paypal payment!

When I read powder matte, I immediately thought it would be just like Kissproof by Menow, which I'm such a fan of. They are very affordable and have a great matte finish. So when I got my package from BeautyMNL, I was so excited to try it. I was torn between getting Nude Illusion and Touch of Nude, but decided to get the latter because it is the bestselling among the nude shades.

I also picked a red shade because I had noticed that my lipstick collection is only composed of nude colors, and thought it would be cool to try vampy shades again. So I got the Cherry Chic because I like that it isn't so dark and the red shade is just plain nice.

As you can see, the swatches of the powder mattes look actually matte. They are also very pigmented when applied on the lips (sorry I don't have a photo but I might update this post to add one). I can see why people are raving about Touch of Nude. It gives just the exact nude shade, which isn't so pale yet not too dark for any complexion. For Cherry Chic, it gives the right amount of class and sass. It is perfect for elegant night out or if you're used to wearing red lipstick, then I'd say it's a good go to for everyday wear.

Another thing that I like about this is the fact that it's so lightweight on the lips, unlike with Kissproof that could feel a bit heavy if applied too much. This is also better in terms of application because it glides very easily so you wouldn't have to worry about putting on too much. However, what I do not like about this is that I find it drying for the lips. I normally have chapped lips when wearing matte lipsticks but I thought this one would be different, or at least minimize the drying effect. But even when put over a lip balm (I use Maybelline Baby Lips), I still find it drying after an hour or so. It also fades after eating, but for the record, most lipsticks do.

There was a time when I actually thought that when the year 2017 comes, the days of our good matte lipsticks would be gone. Boy, was I wrong! So does this new lipstick line by Maybelline actually deserve the praise it gets? I must say this is a good product. Not great, but good. I still haven't found a way to get rid of my chapped lips when wearing this. Perhaps I should try going back to Vaseline or trying out Chapstick. Also, I do hope they'd still add more nude shades because who's not a sucker for nudes, right? LOL.


  • Great color selection
  • Pigmented
  • Easily glides
  • Affordable (P299; on sale at all Maybelline counters nationwide for P199)
  • Accessible
  • Lightweight
  • Could be drying for the lips.
RATING: 4.0 out of 5.0

WOULD I REPURCHASE? Yes! But I'd still like to try lipstick products from other brands too.

So have you got your hands on this new product from Maybelline too? If you have, tell me what you think about it in the comments below. Thanks for reading! xo

Note: This isn't a sponsored post. The product was purchased by me using my own money.



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