Pastels: Cheap Outfit Inspiration

Hello! It's the holidays and I have a lot of queued posts in store for you guys. But for now, let me just talk about this cute casual outfit that I wore to the First Print Media Youth Congress that was held at Manila Bulletin Hall in Intramuros, Manila last December 10.

I'm not a fan of conference and seminars, but the whole thing wasn't that bad. My friends and I left a little early though because the afternoon speakers were a little boring. And since we knew that Intramuros had a nice environment to offer, we took the opportunity for a little fun photoshoot. I know the title says "Cheap Outfit Inspiration," so I'm gonna tell you where I got these pieces from.

Fur Hat - Thrifted (Php100 or $2)
Top - Divisoria Market (Php90 or $1.80)
Pants - Thrifted (Php80 or $1.60)
Shoes - Divisoria Market (Php170 or $3.40)
Almost $9 for everything except for the bag and jewelry. What a deal, right? If you didn't know yet, I'm a big fan of thrift stores. Items there are really cheap and of high quality. There are times when I can even score some stuff that still has a tag on it. And for Divisoria Market, for all of you who are not familiar with, it is a shopping district in Manila, which is basically filled with all kind of stuff that are cheap and practical for most. Some of the items are low quality though, the others are not bad, and  there are good ones, too. But tell you, the prices are a lot cheaper than the ones from the super malls.

That moment when you're still figuring out what pose to make but the photographer suddenly clicked the shutter. Yikes!

Sometimes I can get really awkward  in front of the camera. LOL.

Here's another part of Intramuros. The place is old but most establishment just seem elegant and vintage.

So, have you ever had a great deal for such a cute item before? If you do, let me know in the comment box below. Thanks for reading! xo



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