Outfit On Point

Hello everyone! So recently, I have decided to make an OOTD post for every outfit I wear that I find astonishing lol. Apparently, I'm just starting out, so forgive me for the lack of resources of this post, but I still hope you find this interesting.

This outfit is what I wore during my old friend's, Daisy, 18th debut party on the 12th of April. It was unexpected because I didn't know I was going to be invited. Due to lack of options for clothing since I left most of my important clothes at my dorm in Manila, I had to borrow a corset top from my friend Joyce. Jeez, what would happen to my life without her?

So here's the summary of my outfit;
Sunnies: Bazaar
Top: Joyce's
Bag: Lina
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: H&M

Oh hey, for your information, I love the Chelsea chunky boots very much. I had to go through a real struggle before I'd finally gotten it, so let me share to you the story. H&M had a mid-summer season sale that was supposed to end a few weeks ago, only I didn't know, because I had no reach to H&M stores from here in Bulacan. So, I was scrolling through some shops on Instagram, and this one post caught my attention saying that those Chelsea chunky boots were on a great sale from Php3450 down to a very low price of Php700. And you guess what my first reaction was, eh? I freaked out big time, because duh! how many times would H&M put those shoes I've been wanting to buy for months on sale that huge again? So at the night before the sale ended, I asked my sister-in-law who lives in Metro Manila if she could buy one for me just before the sale would end, but it turned out she had important things to do. Then, I asked Joyce if she could, but she said she was going back to Bulacan. I almost lost hope, but then Jim agreed he'd buy me one, so I sent him my money. I was going crazy, but it turned out the branch he went to didn't have stock in my size anymore, and he couldn't go to any other branches. So I had nothing to do anymore but to give up.

Then, a week later, I saw a shop on Instagram that was selling the same exact pair in my size, and just for the same price of Php700 (turned out the sale didn't really end, and they put them on even lower prices for just Php300). So even though I might get it for Php300 from H&M stores, I didn't even think twice and immediately decided to get the boots from the shop. And voila! This pair is now one of my favorites. I'm so happy that I got it for such a great deal, and I am so looking forward to more H&M sales in the future.

I'm not sure if H&M is still on sale at the moment, but if you'd like then you may want to go check their local shops. The last time I remember, they have other chunky boots that cost only Php200. I love it when this happens, so I might as well give you updates for next H&M sales.



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