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❝We have absolutely fallen in love with you, Manila!❞ ℋ
If you love something, you will conquer everything. Last Saturday, March 21, was the first ever show of One Direction in the Philippines, and the first that I can say is THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL. Joyce and I got gold tickets which belonged to free seating section, so pretty much we decided to camped outside Mall of Asia Concert Grounds the night before the show. Yes, we slept there! (Although we didn't actually sleep; can you image the bags under my eyes)

We bought chips so we could have something to munch on. Bad thing though is we needed to save our phones' battery life, so we tried hard not to use our phones since we would need it to take pictures at the show, which I didn't really do because I couldn't stop checking my twitter for updates. Worse is the guards didn't let us form a line that night, and more people were coming, so apparently, it was just a wasted campout pft! Btw, I love my mandals here haha!

The next morning, people started freaking out because they still wouldn't let us form a line. So the parents got all mad, then declared they would form a line so that if more people arrived, they would stay at the end of the queue. Joyce also lost her shit, because we ended up staying at the back, which I agreed we did not deserve, since most of the people at the front didn't even stay overnight. Argh I hated the system so much, because DUH! They gave us that free seating shit so they had to expect camping out was going to happen, and they didn't do anything about it smh.

So when the guards gave up and finally let us fall in line, this happened. Forgive us, since it was so friggin' hot we needed to do something fun aha! Plus, I didn't eat rice, pee, bathe, and brush my teeth for a whole 24 hours. I know, so gross! *crying emoji*

And here's when they finally let us in the concert grounds! The smell of success and victory! I don't have the videos while they were performing because Joyce didn't have the chance to give it to me before we parted ways. Anyways, we were just so happy, and seeing them perform has really paid off. Although it was so sad knowing Zayn couldn't be there, but I thought, alright he needs rest; there will always be a next time anyways, but then, recent news has shaken off my world and left my heart crushed into pieces as it was reported Zayn left the band.

Yes, Zayn Malik, my precious Zaynie, has left One Direction, because he didn't want to be in the spotlight anymore. It's been the darkest days of our fandom, and we can't do anything about it. We can't do anything but to accept the fact that there are now four members of One Direction, that one of them is now just, according to Wikipedia, a past member.

I literally shed tears over this. It broke my heart as I woke up yesterday morning to this shocking news. I didn't know how to react at first; it was like the world has shrunk and I found it hard to breathe. Anyway, I still haven't gotten over this, and I'm seriously close to crying again as I am typing this, but I just wanna say that even though it still hurts hella lot, I am so proud of Zayn for being who he is. I mean, goddamn, almost anyone would give anything to be in his place, a member of One Direction, right? But him, he chose what truly makes him happy. He chose to be a just simple 22-year old. Although, it's left me confused that news said he would be signing contract with producer Naughty Boy, so I guess he'll only be going solo and will not actually leave the spotlight (?) Well anyway, it just makes me drown in tranquility knowing that I will never see them perform as five lads. My dream of hearing Zayn's high notes live has crashed. And I wanna cry, but crying won't change the fact that Zayn's days in One Direction are over. :(

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