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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Last Sunday, some of my friends and I went to SM Aura to attend a dance competition event held by Fox International Channel, wherein, my blockmate, Cha, joined the street dance competition. Tbh, it was my first time to have visited SM Aura, and let me just say that it is one of the most fabulous malls in the Philippines.

Lol ya! Here's Mariel, Lienett and me while waiting for the elevator. We didn't look like Marks & Spencers models, did we? :-( {Mariel-Me-Lienett}

Shame on us three for not having to watch the real event. We arrived at the Samsung Hall by the time the winners were being announced, so what we just really did there was to party.

Freestyle dance battles from different groups. It was a shame that there was only one of us who could really dance. They didn't mention that there was going to be a freestyle dance battle. Ha! :-(

Apparently, the main reason we attended the party was for the free drinks. And yes! I don't like beer that much, but hey, who can say no to free drinks, right? Anyways, thank you Bavaria for the free unlimited beers. You were good! FYI, I only drank a little, because as I've said, I don't like beer that much. Heh!

We had one shot of tequila given to us by an upperman It didn't taste that nice because we had no lemon and salt, but it was OK anyways. I didn't know what brand of tequila it was, sorry!

OK I tried! And it had to be in the restroom! I can't be a fashion blogger, can I? Jeez, I probably should just stick  with this lifestyle now, he he. :-(

Oh, hey! Here's the three of us again. BISOC - Jim. Ha! All girls.

TPG (The Party Girls) with Cha. I wish I didn't make that wacky face. Argh!!

The night lights of Taguig. How pretty! I wish Manila had this kind of city lights, or at least could be seen at my dorm. Psh!

So after that, we went to Bonifacio Global City to get some fresh air. It was nice there, but we didn't have anything to do, and were planning to go get another drink at Lara's house, so we left. We did go to Lara's, but we didn't drink another shot, and only had an !!!emergency!!! (because we weren't supposed to) sleepover. We had silly conversations though, you know, girls' talk and stuff. It was fun, actually, to interact with people outside your circle of friends.

So this must be the end. Sorry for the low quality photos. They were taken using my phone, and my phone didn't do well with the lighting lol.


  1. SM Aura is indeed one of my fave place to visit and the fort bon. (lol) Love the beanie!!

    Hoping to see you hop in my blog!! Check out my new post and tell me something about it!!! :)

    HIATUS and BOOKS // Midnight Blues

  2. Looks like you had a fun time! :) I like SM Aura and BGC. It's wodnerful.
    Hope you can drop by my blog.



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