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VIBE: TransFOURmed ☯☯

Hello fellas! So I'm back after a quite-a-hiatus, and I really feel bad for not having to blog for so long. It's just, school is making me a very busy 'queen' bee he he. Anyways, I'm here to share to you the production that my class has come up with great effort and power.

First, what is this production? This production is a variety show done for my course subject TV Performance as a final requirement. It is called VIBE: TransFOURmed - "From what they were, to what we are." It is called VIBE: TransFOURmed, because (1) Vibe sounds good (2) TransFOURmed because we are the section four, (3) Transformed because we are showing here the transformation of our generation from the yesterday to today.

So in this variety show, we have 8 segments. First is the opening (not included in the segments), followed by Ethnic Dance, Interpretative Dance, Broadway, Sessionistas, Divas, Noon At Ngayon, Pitch Perfect, Modern Dance, and closing (also not included).


The opening was the bomb, I tell you. I won't be telling much about it, but it was full of sing and dance performances. The photos say it all, aha!

Ethnic Dance, as the name says, is a dance common in the time of our ancestors, wherein they used different tribal materials as props.

Interpretative dancers danced with the song called "Reflection".


Broadway was one of my favorite segments. Broadway feels, Les Misérables feels. The singers just never failed to give me chills, and even though there was a grunge at the highest note of one of the singers, it didn't give me the reason to stop admiring them at their best.


Sessionistas was about six teenagers who experience emotional problems and they tried to conquer those by singing to some OPM songs. This was one of the chillest segments, because OPM just gives a soothing, relaxation feeling, aye?


Divas was also the bomb. Geez, the high notes that they had to reach was overwhelming. I can't even match a note, and they were just, argh, so amazing! It was the most heart thudding moment during the show.

                                                                                  OMG THAT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>^^^ IS ME

Noon at Ngayon was a segment about a woman from 1724 who happened to time travel and arrived in the present. She then met a guy, and they talked about the differences of today and the yesterday's generation. If you've seen me there, well hello ha ha!

Pitch Perfect! Well, if you happened to have watched the movie "Pitch Perfect," then you must have had the idea what this was about. It was pretty much a remix of acapella songs, but their last performance, which is the song "Royals" by Lorde, was the best!


Ladies and gentlemen, this was me and my friend, Zedrick, hosting the show. Not so fab here, am I? Ha ha ha!

Modern Dance was another the bomb! Ha ha. Really, these peeps can dance and everyone who has seen them knows it.


Modern TV Parody was my favorite segment because (1) I was there (2) The segment producer belonged to my circle of friends (3) It was damn funny and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it. So parody, as the name says. So what we did here is created a funny version of some of the biggest Philippine TV drama scenes. The programs that were parodied were Be Careful With My Heart, Jewel in The Palace x Chef Boy Logro: Kusina Master, The Legal Wife x Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real, Meteor Garden, Pridyider, My Husband's Lover x Minsa'y Isang Gamu-gamo, and Moon of Desire.





Here are some of the backstage photos he he!

Jeez I blogged for nearly two hours, and it felt so damn good! The bad thing is, I have homework due tomorrow and I'm still not through with it. Ugh! So this should be it, because I have to go. 'Til next time, fellas. Ciao! :)
On stage photos taken by: Quadro Photography Club, Polytechnic University of the Philippines - College of Communication Official Photography Group

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