The Perks of Being a Sophie

Hi fellas! I'm back with some stories about my first month of being a college sophomore student. First off, I want y'all to know that I do miss blogging and blogwalking and that I'm actually trying to put on some efforts to do so during my spare time, since my 2nd acad year isn't as chicken as the previous one. *sigh*

I'm sure I've once mentioned that I love online shopping, and these chicks are my two hot, hot babies this week. The floral pullover that I got from thekidtheywarnedyouabout from instagram is really pretty and useful since sweater weather is coming pretty soon here in the PH. And that rad boots, eh? That' a Forever21 I got from _stylesavage from intagram as well for a pretty low price. Geez, I love it when online sellers prioritize the budget of their customers rather than their deep longing to earn money he he!

Last Monday, we, the BroadCircle officers and core members, had a photoshoot for our general assembly that was held last Friday.  So here are some photos of me and the org — I look pale in them, but I love this VSCO effect so I used it anyway ha ha.

And hey, I won't let this post pass without having you seen this qt photo of me and my mini-me. Adorable, right? :-)

Well, this post has been shorter that I expected it to be. But I want to let you know that I've been really busy with school and stuff lately. Lots of reporting to do, audio and video performances, and hey, we made a mini radio talk show, but my internet connection won't let me upload it on Soundcloud. It's not that great anyway, but it's a little laugh {for my fellow Filipinos, at least} And also, I'm planning on starting selling things online, since I'm officially a fan of online shopping. Lastly, there are many, many things waiting for me to be done, so I guess I will be seeing you in a month or so {but I hope not} and maybe, hopefully, the next thing I'll be blogging about is how successful my little online shop has been ha ha. Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this. ;-)
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