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Hi everyone! So I'm back with a great news. Despite my super tight schedule, since midterm outputs and exam are coming, and we've been assigned to do some productions, I have managed to open an Instagram based shop, wherein I sell preloved items straight from my closet and some of my thrift hauls. And I can say that my first mini collection has been successful.

Here's my very first transaction. Two knitted pullovers purchased by @theminettecoleen from Instagram for P300 both. That's actually cheaper than most of the knits being sold by other shops.

Here are the items I sent through shipping. That yellow knitted pullover was for and the other one was for @haggle_4_preloveditems. I have had some issues with JRS because they haven't shipped the parcel to my customer who is from Ilo-ilo, and we are not sure if the parcel was sent instead to JRS Ilo-ilo branch. I tried to contact JRS and I got no reply, so I'd say I'm a tiny bitty disappointed in their service. Also, I am planning to change courier once I've really settled this online shop thing. I'm planning on using Xend or Fastrack or Philfox, because they are way cheaper, and their provincial partner is LBC.

Sellers, esp. newbies, need receipt photos so that they can let people know that they aren't bogus, so here's mine. I would never fool anyone here, but it's always better to give customers their peace of mind he he.

So this is the latest blog worthy event of my life. Though, recently, I've done an FM and AM radio program, which I want to share with you guys, but too lazy to upload them on Youtube or Soundcloud. I guess I'll just let you hear some of my projects when I'm good enough to be heard by the cool people on the internet. Ha! :)

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