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Hiiiiii! I'm here to give you a very good news today. So, since it was announced that Philippines was one of the Asian countries that the boys would be visiting during their OTRA tour in 2015, I totally freaked out to know that the ticket selling would be held on 05/23 of this year, like, what the hell, right? 10 months before the concert and they're selling tickets W O W!!!!

Anyways, despite such bad news, heaven has been good to me and gave me the chance to be one of the lucky Directioners who've got tickets for OTRA tour!!!!!!!!!!

So my friend, Joyce, and I left Bulacan at 4AM yesterday to go to Mall of Asia to attend the ticket selling for the said tour. We were so afraid that the tickets would be sold out just before we got there, because some fans literally camped out the night before, so we decided to go really early. When we got there at 7AM, the queue was sooooooooo long we just wanted to cry and go home, but we didn't and just decided to stay there and chase our luck.

After 7 hours of waiting outside the mall, people got freaked out because of the very unruly system. Parents and children were all mad because we were like waiting for nothing anymore. VIP and Diamond tickets were already sold out, while there were limited slots left for Titanium, and they were prioritizing those who were in line for VIP and Diamond, even though some of us in the Titanium to Bronze section got there first. It was really, really unfair, so people shouted their complaints, and that was when everybody rolled out. We had gone ballistic, so we didn't care about anything anymore but our longing to get tickets. Everyone then started squeezing and pushing into everyone just to get to the queue first. Joyce and I thought there was going to be a stampede and just wanted to leave and go to SM North Edsa since they'd start selling tickets in there soon, but we just went with the flow, and finally, F I N A L L Y, they were selling us tickets!!!!!!
Here's our faces when we could finally smile as to knowing that we were minutes away from getting our beloved tickets. AHA! Okay, so we got GO1D (gold) tickets as expected, and we were really happy about it. Although, we thought it would have been better if we had just tried other SM branches, but we also thought that it could have been sold out by the time, and it was actually fun to be with that massive number of Directioners. It was such a nice experience, too! He he!

After getting our tickets, we went to MOA Arena to visit the launch event. I'm not sure of what was happening there, and we didn't bother ourselves to know, because we were seriously dying of hunger, so we just pigged out at Greenwich and went home after a very tiring day.

If anyone here also got tickets, let me know! If you didn't and wanted to, don't lose hope. It is said that there would be a 2nd show, though i'm not so sure about it. Let's just hope and pray for it to happen he he!


  1. Wow! you're really an avid fan of 1D. I hope they would also come to Davao because Manila is too far from here. lol.

    Lysa of

  2. haaa... many girls, teens that really wanna attend 1D concert badly <3 nice!

  3. So lucky!! Hoping to get mine on the second show!! :( I joined your site xx

    Midnight Blues

  4. wow! grabeeeh ang si-sweti nyo! Im also a directioner but never got a chance to buy a ticket :(

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  5. OH MY GOSH. Hi kababayan!! You're so lucky! :) xx


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