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My Love From The Star

It's 3AM, and I'm here blogging right now because of my rushing feels. How could the Philippines media industry not adapt South Korea's abilities to produce such wonderful drama? Or is it just me, because I've barely watched television since the Joseon Era. Wait WHAT??? Oh my gosh, really. It's been a year since I last watched a K-drama, and I kind of regret for not watching this sooner, but it doesn't matter anymore.

별에서 온 그대

So anyway, You Who Came From The Stars / The Man from The Stars / My Love From The Star / My Love From Another Star, whichever title you may prefer, is a K-drama being aired in the Philippines. Well, you know, since we are lacking here some creativity to make better dramas, the television station managers, or whoever is that person/s responsible for television shows, have been airing K-dramas since even when I was a kid. So why did I watch this one? Hmm... It started just a few days ago when our internet connection had cracked up. Since I'd been seeing the commercial for this drama and it seemed good, I decided I'd rather watch it than to not do anything. And hey, I couldn't read e-books, because my phone died a few weeks ago, it's actually sad. Okay so I did watch it, and I didn't even finish that day's episode, just then I decided I'd watch the series when the internet came back.

★★★★.9/5 is the rate that I am giving to this drama. It's so good that I can't decide which is better between Secret Garden and this. Anyway, this lacks a 0.1, because I didn't like the ending that much. I mean, the story has been beautifully depressing, they could have stopped there. How could I say this? Well, it's actually normal for other people, but not for me, I guess LOL. The whole time, there were murders and some actions that just made my heart race, so I kept telling myself that everything was going to be all right in the end. It actually did, but you see, Do Min Joon still kept disappearing, and even though he found a way to come back, there would be possibilities that one day, something would go wrong that he wouldn't be able to find his way back again. *SIGH* Oh, and lastly, I was kind of expecting that they'd have 7 children and 5 puppies, and be living in a house with a yard, outside of Seoul in the end, but look at what I got instead. I'm a bit disappointed, though, I can't do anything now, can I? They ended it here, so that's it. And the ending that I thought of is actually cliché, isn't it? Ha ha.

There you go! If you're a fan of K-dramas and haven't watched this yet, I strongly suggest you to. If you're not a fan of K-dramas, well you better try this one, and I'm telling you, there will be no regrets. If you're a cry cry person, I suggest you to prepare a pile of tissue. I didn't cry though, just almost, or well, just got my eyes a little wet, but it's only because I barely cry. I didn't cry that much with Miracle in Cell No. 7 as well. I hope you guys watch it so I can prove my point here haha. 안녕히 가세요 (I used Google translate so this might be wrong ha ha)


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  1. I watched this too and I really liked it! Although I have to agree with you about the ending which they left to be a little complicated :( I was hoping for 7 children and 5 puppies too! And I find it weird that Do Ming Joon still keeps disappearing and it feels like they'll never have normal life.

    Anyway I'd recommend City Hunter for you :) It's Lee Min Ho's show and it's also a great K-drama! Though if you don't like too much action then you'd probably not like it, just saying. Haha! But it's worth the watch because the story is really nice :)

  2. lol... my sister and friends are addicted to this drama :D but i haven't watched this yet .. they say the plot is really good and nakakilig <3 lol! gonna try to watch it sooner :D


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