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Summer Heat! // Music Video

It's summer already, YAY!!! Although i'm just always at home and don't go out of town with my family and friends that much, I still love the idea of summer, because it means endless sleeping, surfing the internet, reading books, watching movies, and eating. Ha ha! Though the heat is just killing me so err whatever. Anyway, I spent the first few weeks of my summer vacation only by reading books or more of e-books and watching some movies.

I've had this book for quite some time now. It was given by my brother when he came back home from abroad, because I asked for it. And yeah, he had no idea what this book was about. Like duh? It's all about sexxx, and I doubt that he would have given me this if he had known it lol. The weird thing is that before I finally decided to finish reading it, I'd first let my blockmates borrow it so it happened that they had read the book before me lol, no big deal though heehee.

I'm not that into giving book reviews, and I bet most of you have already read this, so let me just show you my favorite line throughout the book.
"I've never wanted more, until I met you." -Christian Grey, Fifty Shades of Grey
 I thought it was special, because duh, obviously he didn't treat his subs like they were special until Anastasia came. And I also thought they would end up together, but of course, what would be the use of being a trilogy? Ha ha. So now, i'm looking forward to reading the next two books.

Because i'm just a poor lassie longing to adventure the world behind a thousand words and such a pirate, well, here it goes: piracy at its finest. Don't tell me i'm the only one. :-( Anyway, I would really like to thank Aldiko, epubbud, kickasstorrents, thepiratebay, and all the other sites that gave away these free e-books. Without you, my wallet would be gone, too.

*got this photo from, all credits goes to the owner.*

I'm officially addicted to John Green books since I've read "The Fault in Our Stars". I'd always wanted to read this but insisted not to, because I wanted to buy a  copy, but there I was. :< JSYK, I have the money, really, I'm just really niggard. :( I might buy the book soon though, I'm just not sure. I'll figure it out when I'm back to Manila lol. And really, I can't friggin' wait for the movie!!!! I am so ready to shed those tears at the theater ugh.

Well, I really love this book. No doubt this is my favorite one yet. I'm sorry Nicholas Sparks, I still love your works, but John Green's are just.

Okay? Okay.

This is a really random photo, I like it though ha ha. So aside from those two, I've also read Looking For Alaska, and the Harry Potter series. I know, I know. I read the first three books when I was in high school, but seriously, I don't want to talk about it. Ha ha ha. And, hey! Looking For Alaska is good, too. Not as good as The Fault in Our Stars, though. He he. And i'm currently on Paper Towns, but i'm kind of getting myself busy on the internet right now so...

Another random photo! Sorry, I just really like using images as dividers for, like, another topic lol. So, just because it's already vacation doesn't mean school won't stress me out. Of course it still friggin' does! My English professor gave me a 2.25 on April Fools' Day. He knew it! He knew my whole life was a joke! UGH! Seriously, i'm not sure if he'd change it, but he did post a status yesterday that it was only for April Fools, but who knows? It really stresses me out, because I did maybe not my best, but I guess I've done enough for his subject. I was never absent, and I put my ass seriously into getting our group's thesis done. And now, out of all us five members, I got the lowest grade. And as far as I know, I am the lowest among the class. Jeez! Luckily, I got a 2.00 in PolGov, which is the worst subject ever!!! I just hope my CommSoc and PE will be good. Please, pretty please?

Hey, I almost forgot, it's my birthday on Friday! Ha ha. So yeahhh, I hope I enjoy my day on that day lol.  Though it's same day with Sikat Awards where the awarding for our music video will take place. Oh shit! I almost forgot to post our music video here. Well, well, gonna find the link. For now, say hi to the unnamed Dolphin here lol! :3

Here goes! I'm the ugliest one. U G H i hate this so much bye!!!


  1. Hi I really enjoyed watching your video the lyrics gave truly a wonderful meaning I hope your group will win :)
    and really your birthday is on friday? mine is on saturday (LOL) happy birthday to us :))


  2. Happy Birthday in advance!! hahha I just knew you a few days before yet I loved everything here!! ☺ Stay fab!

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