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Hiiiii! So last Friday (04.04.14) was my birthday, and I went night swimming with my friends. We went there at like 5pm and left at midnight. It was fun, but I won't go on details because many things had happened and I couldn't or SHOULDN'T put them into words. I don't know, I'm just, I think there might be someone I know who would see this post, and I don't want them knowing every little detail lol. Let me just say it was one of best and worst days of my life. :)

Here are some photos of me with four of my best friends in the world. <3 <3

L-R: (Joyce, Golda, Ej, Mikha, Lyka)
why do i have that awkward smile? ugh.
I didn't get to have photos with my other friends, and I have no idea why. I guess we weren't really into taking so much pictures that day lol, or that there was a reason that we really should not take pictures. Oh my gosh, why does this post suddenly sound mysterious? LOL. Anyway, just forget it. And, hey! I've changed my age in my description from '15' to '16'. So yeah, this is 16 year old Lyka Mae blogging haha!!!


Have a nice day everyone!! XOXO

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