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It's an Ukay Thing!

Hi there! It's been quite a long time since I last blogged, and it is almost February already. YAY!! Well, that means Valentine's Day is coming, and JS prom for high school kids, dates for couples, and nothing for me. ((BOO!!!)) Anyway, I've got this thriftshopping addiction for quite some time, because I've been seeing bloggers rocking second hand items nowadays. So I reckoned I'd give it a try. //Low prices, but pretty qualities he he.//

So, I went thriftshopping yesterday at Cubao. I was hesitating to go at first because I was worried it would just be a waste of time, but i'm glad that I did. HE HE HE. First, I went to Sagrada Ukay-Ukay just some meters walk from Araneta Center Cubao LRT2 Station. It is a thrift store that I usually pass by when i'm walking along Aurora Blvd. Last Friday, while I was on my way to the bus terminal, I saw that there was a BIG BIG clearance sale, so I thought of going, but didn't, anyway, because  I had a lot of stuff that time since I was going home, and the last time I went there, I found nothing. But I think it's only because I was in a rush and the atmosphere was awkward because I was the only one shopping.

First, I looked through the racks of clothes for P20, but found nothing. So, I went on to the shoes area, but there was nothing too, until I found this pair of cuties platforms waiting to be bought at the P150 sale area. I didn't want to try them on at first because I was shy, but I just held onto my guts and decided to just try them, and they fit! They friggin fit! HA HA HA. Then, the saleslady asked me if I'd buy them, and I said hold on because I was thinking of how to ask for a lower price. HA! I'm such a niggard. And then, I tried them once again, and they were just too comfortable for my life, so I decided to go to the counter and asked if I could pay P130 for it and the manager agreed. Later on, when I got back to my dorm, I found out it was originally priced at P480. What a fortune! I saved a whopping P350, can you just believe that? I just love thrift stores' clearance sale! HE HE. Though I just can't believe it hadn't been bought before me. Maybe it wasn't worth it when it was still P480, but sitting on the P150 sale area and still wasn't noticed? Probably destined for me. :D

Next one, I got this shirt for P20. Hesitating, I tried it on in the fitting room, *that was the first time I fit a shirt in a thrift store* and I thought it was cute, so I decided to buy it anyway. Later on, I found out it wasn't that a great deal, but I just shrugged off the idea, since I reckon it would fit with cardigans and jackets well. :)

I left the thrift store with those two items, thinking they were enough, because I already spent P150, but it was still quite early so I decided to visit this Kabunyan Thriftshop I found on the web. Fortunately, I had a map on how to go there so it wasn't hard looking for it. The first thing I said when I walked in the shop was wow! There were a lot of clothes, bags, toys, and other items. And the environment was clean and it was even airconditioned! I checked the rack of shoes first because they were on 60% sale. I found a really cute Jelly Beans shoes that was originally priced at P620 or something, I can't really remember, but I didn't buy them, because I have allowance issues nowadays lol. I was about to leave the shop but I knew there would be really great finds, so I decided to stay quite longer.

Looking through the P25 clothes rack, I found this cutie, and I told myself even before fitting it that I was gonna buy this because it was too cute. It's a bat wing style and so much better when worn. I just wish I could take a picture of myself wearing it. He he.

And here's my last purchase!!! I was gonna pay for two shirts then leave, but I decided to go to the selection area, and there I found this really cute jacket/pullover/whatever//lol. It was really comfortable to wear and perfect for the current cold weather in the country, but it costed P150 so I was hesitating to get it at first, and told myself that I'd just wait for some time and go back to the shop and maybe, if I were lucky enough, it would still be there for a lower price. But my conscience didn't let me pass this one because for Pete's sake! It was a freaking thrift shop. It was NOW OR NEVER!!!!! So I decided to give up the other P25 shirt and get this one instead for P120 because it was 20% discounted.

After purchasing the items, I happily and contentedly left the shop. It was getting dark that time, and I didn't even notice the time! I just love all the items I bought. I am definitely going back to Cubao for another thriftshops adventure. Or maybe i'll try Anonas next time because I heard there's a building full of thriftshops there, or maybe Quiapo, but I'm quite afraid to go there alone because I am not familiar with the place.

For now, let me just enjoy the rest of January, lol kidding, I don't think so. EXAMS ARE COMING!!!!! And heck, I should go now to study. Ciao!

So, what do you think of my thriftshop adventure? YAY or NYAY?

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