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'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la
La la la la
How was your holidays people? Well, mine has been good. Although, the Christmas spirit wasn't like it used to be. It was like something was missing, and heck, I have no idea why. Anyways, on Christmas eve, there were a lot of us in the house. It was fun because we were singing, and there were lots of foods and gifts and everything seemed alive.

This is the only gift that I received. It happens when you're in college and getting old, I figured lol.

My sister and I. Please be convinced that we look so much alike. It's just the skin tone and the body shape that make us different. Oh yeah, who am I kidding? Hahaha!

This is me with my mom and my sisters.

Well, here's the whole gang!!!


'Cause baby
you're a firework
come on
show 'em
what you're worth

Here's a photo of me on New Year's Eve. And hey, i'm not that dark! I hate photogrid's effect making me look dark and all. >:( I love this effect, though heehee.

New Year's eve is the only time of the year when i'm allowed to drink alcohol. Though, not really alcohol because it doesn't taste like one. You know, Bailey's, it tastes like sweet coffee with a touch of wine. LOL.


And here go my new year selfies. Am I cute? Not? Okay. :(
Christmas vacation is almost over and I hate it for so many reasons!!!! :( First, I have to go back to Manila on Monday. Second, I haven't done my report in Human Communication because I stupidly forgot to photocopy the shit//sheet before the break started. Third, our radio prod isn't done as well because the recordings needed aren't complete. U G H these school works are making me sick I just wanna throw up. >:( Lastly, goodbye cozy loving bed, goodbye home, goodbye foods, goodbye world, and RIP sleep. Gosh, I can't wait for summer. Please sun, come to momma already! T^T

♡ Well bye for now, and may we have a good year ahead! 

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