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Manila Night and City Life

There's this night when Laurence, Ej and I went to SM Sta. Mesa just to hang out. We just sat there then ate at Mang Inasal then got back to the mall to have some laugh. We do this stuff every time we feel like it. I'd usually go to Recto since they currently reside there with Joyce and Sabs whom they live with in same dorm. Then, we'd grab an old movie to watch at Ever Mall. They're like my best friends nowadays because no one could give me such laugh whenever I'm with them, not even my college friends.

So these are my college friends. We usually hang just inside the COC area whenever we're not profted (profted, adj. - term used when the professor hasn't arrived yet). These people are actually cool and they also give me some laugh. Though, I don't enjoy the time with them as much as I do when i'm with my high school friends. Still, I love them, even if they always like to hang out at the theater's rooftop wherein I find it really hard to go to because i'm such a scared, wimpy kid who could hardly climb a ladder. *creys*

Anyway, at the rooftop is this adorable, miraculous plant that has happened to grow in the middle of an asphalt ground. How that happened, I, too, do not know. We named him/her/it "buwag" because of a story we only could understand, so just forget it. Heehee!

This could be considered as throwback because this was months ago and it was the first time that I'd been to Rizal Park and I was really amazed with the lights and fountains and everything. I miss this place a little but there is a story that we don't go there anymore, a story that I can't explain. Lol kidding.

This is one of our classrooms. Unruly chairs and untiled, cracking floor. Just an image of one public school . Seems impecunious, yet, it is filled with people that have strong determinations and witty brains.

Last night, we marched from PUP-COC to Mabini Campus for the Commemoration of Maguindanao Massacre victims. WALANG BIBITAW - END IMPUNITY! NOVEMBER 23 - NEVER FORGET! NEVER FORGET! were the words that you would have heard if you had been there. As  future media practitioners, the COC Student Council thought that we should be aware of things like this. For your information, 34 journalists were killed in that massacre and it was considered as the "single deadliest event for the press since 1992". So for those media personnel and the other people who were killed, someone led a prayer then everyone lit a candle.

This photo implies nothing. I just want to say that this is my monotonous life as a city girl. But I know, for certain, that interesting things are waiting to happen as time goes by. I just have to keep cool and wait 'til my boring life also gets cool. Heehee!

Some photos used (5th, 6th and 7th) are courtesy of Reymond Almacin. The 2nd to the last one is of Prof. Elmer P. Brabante.

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