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Sembreak Update!!!

HIIIIIIIIIII!!! I've just had a quick blog makeover because I want it simple and not too kawaii. OK so if you're aware of my life then you may have pretty known that I've been really busy since I started college and all the no-internet-access-dorm shit that I rarely update my blog. But now that it's our sembreak, I want to make an update and maybe if i'm not too lazy, shall be updating continuously *i really hope so*. HEHEHE

So if you knew about this Typhoon Santi that hit the Philippines just two weeks ago, I think, I just want to tell you that our town was deeply affected. And so was our home. :( Here's some pictures of our house being covered with mud and dirt.


The pictures say it all... I'm happy that we've partially recovered and our house can now be again called home. :)

On the brighter side, since it's our sembreak, it means that release of grades shall be followed. Although only one of my professors has yet encoded, i'm still really happy so far with my grade.

FILI 1013 - 1.00 | | P

Yes, believe it or not, I got a flat 1 in my subject Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino and I don't have the slightest idea why. Even so, i'm so thankful to my professor and also, to God. :)

You might not know but I have this hobby of creating and editing stuff in photoshop and what I've been trying to learn is vexeling. And although I still can't do it perfectly, I believe I've made some improvements on my works. Here's one i'm currently working on.

Guess W H O ?? Well, i'll let you know the moment it's been done. :) :)

Another thing that i'm working on right now is writing a story. Actually the plot has been on my mind for long now and not once that I've tried to make a story out of it but then, nothing has been a success and I don't think this one will be. But even if this will be a failure, then at least I tried.

Well it's a relief to have blogged again after a hiatus. I really hope I can update more of my life because even if I don't notice it sometimes, there are some new things that's been happening and are deserved to be blogged about.

Though, here's a picture of me during our COC Student's night (DENIM attire) and PUP Tanglaw Run (Fun Run).

That's it! I hope you enjoyed my post. :) xx

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