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Here's to the first merch !!!

Is it a shame that I've been a Directioner since 03/12 but have never had a single item of them until today? Ha-ha i'm sorry I just don't feel like using my money for such stuff. But I will, since now.
Okay, so my brother just got back from abroad and he gave me this book. He was supposed to give me an iPhone but I resisted because it was only 3Gs but he told me that he would buy me the latest next time so I just have to wait 'til then hehehe. And, oh! I have just gotten myself an organization called 'Assets Team' where we do productions and such. It is such a pleasurr to have been accepted by the team but we still have tasks to ce accomplished to be a full member of the org. For failure of the tasks means voiding of membership. *cries*
Another thing is that our section has been V E R Y busy preparing for our streetdance that will be held on August 7 from PUP-COC to PUP Mabini campus and the practice is killing me *sigh*. By the way, everyone is invited so I hope you can come! ♥
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