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Teenage Mutant Ninja Mango

Look at what we've found earlier this afternoon. A mutant mango, I think? Well yeah its shape is not normal and it seemed to everyone that it is heart-shaped but it more looks like a butt to me lol sorry not sorry for being weird.

But in this picture which is the other side of the mango, it looks like a boobie and the lower part is a pussy. Oh, I am sorry I'm not being perv eww or intending to insult women because I, too, am a woman, right? I'm just being honest or realistic, eh? Whatever man.

So nothing has been happening to me lately. Besides from reading a boyxboy story on wattpad entitled 'My Mate' while pigging out over our Indian Mangoes because I have no choice this is like we are living in an uncivilized part of the town lol and sometimes tweeting because internet is 'quite' fucked up, and doing real shits on The Sims, I've got nothing else to do. But I hope for the next few days, I'll get to have something interesting to blog about because this everyday constant boring life is getting the shit out of my sleepy ass.

So I just remembered that I'd seen the release dates of 'This Is Us' movie which is about the life of One Direction of how they were five potatoes just three years ago before X-Factor to being the most known boy band of our generation. I was pretty excited to see this movie and fangirl with other Directioners in cinema but fag that shit when I saw no trace of Philippines in the list of release dates. The fact that they are not going to show it here stresses me out. I am pretty sure that everyone is going to freak out when they saw the movie like "OMG This is Us is so amazing. That scene made me scream my throat almost ripped out...that one made me cry so hard like a fucking baby...then blablabla...dadada..." And I'd be like "Fuck this motherfuckers can you fucking calm your fucking tits down because I'm not going to fucking see this fucking movie like fucking ever because fucking Modest." But then, I saw someone's tweet that it will be shown in the Philippines 'Nationwide' on August 30 but I am not certain but if they really are not going to make us see this on big screen, I'm pretty sure that they'll turn it into DVD so they could earn a lot more money. HA! Those five lads are getting richer and richer and I hate the management because of so many reasons, I don't even know, but I love the boys so much, just the management okay? Lol. Well I'll drop this topic that is going nowhere now so byeeee!x

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