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SHOPPING !!!!!!!

Mum, Yhumie and I went out shopping today which means I was out of internet the whole day ((wow)). It was short though because we had visited my brother first in their house in Gapan, Nueva Ecija but it was okay due to the fact that the shopping was really meant not to be taken too long because I would just buy stuff that I needed for school. And oh, just two weeks away and hello university grr!!!

The only things that I bought were the bag from Crisan, umbrella, and pair of shoes from Liberte`. I was supposed to buy Heartstrings like I used to do but I don't fancy their bags nowadays because they are way too large for a college student and oh, I adore backpacks and hate shoulder bags, but I might use one in the future ew ok. Then the umbrella, I was supposed to buy Fibrella but I couldn't find one so I just grabbed the one from the supermarket, almost same price and it's no big deal 'cause they have same function anyway. And that pair of shoes, I really fancy it! So fabulous and I like how it is wedge and not flat tehee! The binder was from my sister, she bought it last month, I don't know why, maybe she found it cute or so whatever. And the correction tape, I'm not sure if I'm going to use it but my niece gave it to me and I couldn't afford to resist her.

You know what the most important is and I haven't bought yet? Yes, ballpen. I went to National Bookstore to buy one but shit, it was full of creepy people like you and I haven't had enough patience to wait for the long queue just to ask the cashier if they had G-tec and so I could buy one. But here's the interesting part. I found a book about Harry Styles entitled "All About Me - Harry Styles", not to be exact, though. And I'm not sure who the author is 'cause I wasn't really paying attention to her name because it was Harry's freaking face that caught my attention, but it said unofficial which meant it wasn't the management who published it and just some kroo-kroo author who obviously is a Directioner. Well, if she weren't a Directioner and put a wrong information in there, she'd get bashed by 'we-all-know-we-are-directioners' okay so that is my point. So, I touched the book, smelled it and looked at it deeply before turning it around and saw the price. I sighed, I put it down, I cried, I left. I was thinking of taking it a picture but that would not be good. They might just think I was shoplifting so I guessed, better not.

Today has been seriously tiring and the first thing that I wanted to do when we got home was to unpack my things and try them on then lie on my bed and get some sleep but I didn't because that's so not me. So now I'm here blogging and wanting to sleep after pressing that silly publish button but I'll fight this feeling still then I'm going to watch a horror movie called 'The Apparition' by myself, all alone in my dark room so good luck to me and good night creeps, you are all horrible mwa!

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