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PUP College of Communication Freshies Meetup

Last June 10, 2013, some freshmen of COC had gathered for a small meetup that was held by COC student council. So obviously, I was too lazy to blog about this but I thought that maybe I should post just before the classes starts.

Just so you know, I wasn't in that group. I'm only posting this because our group which is called 'Buntot ng Baka' didn't have any picture together, which is sad. And err, it was stupid of me to have forgotten bringing a camera. UGH. So yea, there was no lots of picture because I couldn't find the guy who kept on taking pictures of our activities.

The day went well. At first, there was a small orientation and I met some of my blockmates. When I thought we could finally have time together, the party began and we needed to separate and go to our own groups. It was sad but it was the rule. So there, I came with the group 1. I didn't know what the first activity was called but the rule was all members of the group should be seated on chairs in one room with their eyes shut. Then we should randomly count from 1 to the last which was 45 because that was the member count of the group. If two or more members spoke at the same time, the game would reset so back to no. 1. It took us 5 minutes or so before we could finally make it but let me tell you, it was my favorite game. HEHE. And I'm not going to tell you the other games because I'm too lazy right now for this. Sorry.

Here's the last game and the game which should really be taken seriously. Because when we didn't, the Seniors got really pissed off. I didn't know why, I thought they were overreacting but maybe it's just, the game was really important in a way that most of us couldn't understand. HEHE. So moving on, the game was called. . . err, IDK? Well the rule is, there were circles written on the ground and there must be two feet stepping on it. So everyone should be fast and alert. If one stepped on the next circle, the person behind him should step on the next circle too or the game would reset, not just for your group, but for everyone in the game. So it sucked when everyone kept doing it wrong because it made us reach until the sky was getting dark and my mom was getting mad at me for not going home yet at five. And not to brag about, but I think the game was easy. It just, I didn't make a mistake so lucky me. But when you finally took the last step and crossed the line, the Seniors would welcome you so that you're officially one of them. Then, you'd call the rest, one of us, if they also crossed the line.

It had been a long day and I was exhausted when I got home here in Bulacan. The back of my feet got bruised because of the lame pair of shoes that I was wearing. But since I really enjoyed the meetup, I just didn't mind the pain and all. And now, this is my last night in Bulacan since school's gonna start on Monday. It makes me feel sad to know that I'm leaving but it was my choice. I'm in college now, I should start learning to be independent. I'm not gonna be under my parents' ass forever, you know. And hey, it might take ages for me to blog again so I'm gonna miss every part of this blog. Crying ciao! xo

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