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Harries Twins on Philippine Star

I really think I probably should not be posting this but my feels right now...ugh, i'm overwhelmed!!! I told you guys, I love youtubers more than my life. They are not my life because they are even better than my life that's not really good. Now this sounds cliché but whatever.

So gosh, I've been freaking out because who could've thought that a potato Asian country that can't almost be seen in a world map and mostly knows jeje stuff like Chicser (sorry to the fans but i'm not sorry) could recognize these two beautiful lads who are from United Kingdom? It's very, very rare guys! I mean, One Direction have once been interviewed by a Philippine talk show and they currently are models of a popular clothing brand in the Philippines called 'Penshoppe' but this is a different thing because One Direction is the most popular boy band of our generation and the twins are just youtubers and they don't do  much concerts unlike One Direction so the chance of getting noticed by a small country was little. Are you getting my point? My point is, I wasn't really expecting for a journalist to recognize the twins and I love him, whoever he is who wrote this article. And I swear if he published another article about the whole youtube crew, I don't know what I would do, maybe eat my shit but that's gross.

Okay so if you guys are from Philippines and want to see it on the newspaper, then like I've said in the title, it is called "Philippine Star". And if you're not from Philippines but want to check it out, just go to this link: Shoot, Share, Star ★

Photo Courtesy: @JandFHarriesPH

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