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Hair Makeover

You might have not known that my hair was a full crap filled with break damages not just at the end but also at the middle or somewhere that none of us would want our hair to have. It wasn't like this when I was a child, as a matter of fact, people would always compliment my hair for being err... perfect? But when I got into high school, I cut my hair into different hairstyles and that was how my hair became shit. And it had really pissed me off so I decided to have my hair trimmed.

I could feel the stylist getting really pissed off because of my hair being a mess. But I couldn't help but to sit there and wait 'til he finished treating my sick, sick hair. He was really good, I reckon, because when it was  finally done after ages, the result was good. Though, I think he had cut way too much and I could feel my heart tensed whenever he'd cut it even shorter and I was like 'No, no stop that you're murdering my babies', but then I'd just think that it was for the best. I have really hated having my hair cut since I was a child. So the result was there and as you can see, my hair had gotten more flyaway that it was before and the fact kind of peeved me because it would definitely look total ass in my ID picture. *sigh*

After getting my hair trimmed, I decided to dye it brown so I told my mum to go to another stylist like what was planned, and so we did. When the stylist had seen my hair, he recommended a rebond treatment for it. I was hesitating at first because the first stylist said that if I got another rebond again then I would have to go on a monthly treatment so my hair won't get frizzed. And as a lazy ass like me, of course, I have no time for that or just too lazy. But then I nodded when I finally thought of looking better in ID so whatever.

This is now the end product of rebond + dye. Let me tell you this, I've always been a kroo kroo potato when it's time for blow drying. It might sound funny but it just tickles me off and makes me giggle every time but I can't do anything but to sit there and bite my tongue or lip just to calm myself down and stop my laughter from bursting out. So yeah, I've always hated blower and it makes me bloody nervous when I know that it's time for it. I hate hair iron too, like when it touches my hair, it feels like it's ripping my hair off and tearing it into pieces and also, it gives uncomfortable heat to my face, sucks big time.

My real plan was none of this. I was supposed to have curls but my mom wouldn't let me ((crying)) and to dye my hair, yeah, but not like this but ombre. Hello there, I really fancy Zoella's hair, and everything about her. ((fuck that rhymed)) And it's really sad that I ended up like this, though, it's okay. I'll get to have what I want in the near future ha!

Excuse me but I love taking selfies and no one could ever make me change that bye.

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