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So I've decided to make a new blog, or maybe an ultimate makeover of this blog because I wanted to start over for I am now a college student. YAY!! Here is the proof of my being a freshman of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, my certificate of registration.

You just don't know how happy I was when I got this piece of paper. The first to third step of enrollment (Interview, Medical Certification) took me a day to finish because the queue was really long like it reached up to 6th floor and  I don't know, maybe even more. Then when I was ready to pay the cashier the next day in which I stayed up really early so I could be in front of the queue, and well, I did, took me twelve hours before I could finally pay because the university's system was kind of weak and yes, it sucked. Then after twenty days or so, they asked me to go back to get my COR, but when I got there, they said just to come back five days after in which took the crap outta me. I was dying, but I did, I did come back because I should. So when I got there to get my COR for the second time, they let me in and I thought it was going to be quick but shit, no! I waited six hours, looking shitty and exhausted from the heat of the sun, in which I had no one to talk to. I was going to cry but I didn't because I was not supposed to cry.

But now, I really am happy because I got in, although my student module access is not yet through. I don't know if I'm already late but crash that! Their system wasn't working fine again and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who have no access yet. So I have a few blockmates that I've known yet through facebook and I'm looking forward to seeing them on June 10 in which is the COC Freshies' Meet Up!!! I hope I enjoy that shit because I am absolutely an awkward potato around people which really makes me wonder why I chose my course (broadcast communication) with the fact that it includes a lot of talking and surrounding people that I mostly hate. 

I really hope I get to blog about June 10 when it comes because I don't know until when this blog is going to run. I mean, I made a lot of blogs before but they just all ended, and now I'm starting anew. I'm telling you, I'm good at starting things but I've never got to the end. So I hope, this time, it can work. So I am supposed to post my collegiate real life shits in here but I don't what would happen. Let's just wait and we'll see what we are going to see. That's the thing. BYE!!!

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